GOG #32 - Red Sox at Oakland - UPDATED with answers

Hey, it's my first GOG since 2009. I'm counting on the A's to make it a good one!

Oakland is in the midst of what passes for a hot streak this season. The Red Sox, on the other hand, have lost seven of their last ten and have a number of players on the DL that can only be described as “Larry Davis-ish”. There will still be an unacceptable number of Sox fans in the Coliseum, but hopefully they will all be sent home unhappy. Me? I'll be walking the fine line between friendly heckling and getting kicked of the apartment by my girlfriend.


GOG #32 -- GOGging with the Enemy (37 points possible)

Boston at Oakland -- July 19, 20, 21

...and now we have the answers, courtesy of paris7

  1. Series outcome [3 points] // 2-1 Oakland
  2. The A's have won 12 of the last 18, dating back to the start of the series against Pittsburgh. Over this stretch, they have averaged 5.5 runs scored per game (compared to an average of only 4.2 runs per game for the season as a whole). Does Oakland score a total of 15 or more runs in the three game series against Boston? [1 point] 12 runs for Oakland (so they didn't score 15 or more)
  3. After a rehab start in Stockton, Dallas Braden is scheduled to be back pitching for Oakland on Tuesday. Predict his IP/K/ER [2 points each] 4.2 IP, 6 K, 1 ER
  4. Clay Buchholz is also making his first start back from the DL. Does he last at least 6 innings? Does he strike out at least 4 Athletics? Does he give up a HR? [1 point each] no, no, yes (Watson and Cust)
  5. Cust has homered in three out of his last four games, which is a welcome change from two HR in his first 42. Does he go deep in the series? How many games does he start at DH? How many times does he reach base in the series? [1/2/3 points for parts 1/2/3] yes (1 HR), 3 starts at DH, 6 times on base
  6. Marco had a career year in 2009 by cutting way down on the number of swings he took and walking at a greatly increased rate. This year, his swing rate has come back up, driven by an increase in swings at pitches out of the strike zone. You might think this would lead to more strikeouts, but Scutaro is swinging and missing at fewer pitches than ever (1.9% swinging strikes), at striking out at nearly the lowest rate of his career (11.9% K's). How many swinging strikes for Scutaro in the series? Does he strike out more than once? [3 points for part A, 1 point for part B] only 1 swinging strike, more than one K (2 Ks)
  7. Kurt Suzuki owns a career .930 OPS against the Red Sox. Predict his PA/H/XBH for the series [2 points each] 14 PA, 3 H, 0 XBH
  8. Now that they are back at the .500 mark, the total Win Probability Added for the whole team should add up to exactly zero. It will surprise no one to hear that the A's have done this with a large positive WPA contribution from their pitchers (+4.641 wins) and an equally large negative contribution from their hitters (-4.641... natch). In this series, to the A's hitters or pitchers perform better by WPA? [2 points] pitchers contribute +0.893, hitters contribute -0.393, so pitchers are (much) better
  9. Daniel Nava has provided critical reinforcement for the injured Boston outfield. Unfortunately, his solid .294/.381/.471 batting line is being held afloat almost entirely by a ridiculous .407 Batting Average on Balls In Play (BABIP). Seriously, no one can hit .300 over the long run while striking out almost 30% of the time. How many balls does Nava put in play during the series? How many of those fall in for hits? [2 points each] 3 balls in play, 1 hit
  10. Which of the three games is the lowest scoring? Which is the highest scoring? [1 point each] lowest scoring = game 1, highest scoring = game 3

Go Oakland!

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