Chez is french for debauchery


This pretty much sums up the evening

Goat: The Other, Other White Meat.

There are important events in all of our lives that call for a gathering of our family: Birth of a child, a marriage, death in the family, bar mitzvah, the removal of a persistent corn. And now we must add one other event of momentous significance...the opening of Nico's home for the annual ingestion of meaty parts of dead/maimed/slightly injured animals during the course of an A's victory.



Nico's face was pressed to the grill and forced to give up the passwords to all AN users.

The last such occurrence was only yesterday as many of the names you know and love from the annals of AN were in attendance. Meat was devoured. The A's were simultaneously cheered and bemoaned, sometimes on the same play. Indecencies were discussed and acted out. The public airwaves were assaulted. Computers were hacked. Reputations were made and broken. Pam was discussed. Swisher/Thresher jumped out of a cake in a bikini. Good Don beat the hell out of Bad Don while his niece stood by and cheered. A dice game broke out on the steps to his house, someone lost a tooth. The cops were called, Tear gas employed. Three people received stitches. Someone lost an eye; it was One Won Lost One I think. It was later found in the bushes. LB committed lewd acts on a statue, and the statue loved it. That's What The Statue Said anyway. The storage shed in Nico's backyard was set afire, purportedly to conceal a body. Three adults went online and joined the A's Kids Club, even though it is just for kids. But that is for another fanpost.


In the end, the A's prevailed, the grill was extinguished up to Smoky the Bear's standards, the recycling was properly placed in the correct bins, Poochini was left intact and the event was deemed a rousing success. Cindi hugged us all and bid us a fond farewell as my dream came true and Swisher/Thresher followed me home. Well, part way anyway.

Photographic evidence was confiscated by the Berkeley PD and a joint task force, but I was able to save these from my phone.


Based on information provided by the local authorities and verified by police lineup, here are those who were in attendance. I absolve myself of any legal liability in posting these names:

67MARQUEZ + niece (wanted in three states, public urination)
Chicken Stanley (deceased, but sexy as hell apparently)
DMOAS (hacked Nico's computer)
Englishmajor (nurmerous attempts to set fire to the house)
gigglingone (innocent as the wind driven tarps)
Leopold Bloom (arrested)
Lone Stranger (teflon)
Nico + Poochini (indecent exposure)
oakAK (held for questioning)
One Won Lost Won (hospitalized, but later released)
OptimistPrime (crimes against humanity)
ORthey (no longer a member in good standing)
Swisher Thresher (incredibly too hot for this group)
wacchampions + Ralph (stood by and watched)


There were a few others, but their remains could not be identified; pending dental records I may update this list.

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