Waxing eloquently: No baseball musings about my place in this "world"

I don't use the word hate very often, I think it is an extremely negative emotion and has a violent connotation. However, I will use it in this reference: I hate summer days without baseball. Like a cold day in the July, it's just not natural.

My apologies to any of you who thought this posting was going to be a how-to on bikini waxing or show Brazilian models. Since It is a work day I shall resist the temptation to provide a photo of such.

No, on a non-baseball summer day, I am musing about life and baseball in general. This is usually spurred on by 67's postings, a catalyst for reminiscing on 44 years of life. Baseball has been tangibly woven into the tattered fabric that is my life, providing a much welcomed constant over the years.

Despite my delusions to the contrary, I am fully cognizant that though my presence in the stands does not affect the outcome of the game in general, I am a part of it. My dollars ultimately are spent on players, the A's medical staff and the nachos they buy for the concession stands. I am just a small but real part of that community.

And because of my affinity for this professional sports franchise, I have become a member of a community called Athletics Nation. I doubt that when Blez started this thing he had the inkling it would grow like the size of McGwire's biceps, but here we are, one big, semi-functional family, knit together by one common love: Our A's.

I am fascinated by our blog. Whenever we have events, it is amazing to me to witness the diversity of ethnicities and gender, orientation and intellect, position and age that is represented. It makes me think about myself and what my role is in this community.

Who am I on AN, and what is my purpose? What is yours?

People like Nico, Blez, Monkeyball, BBG, they are like benefactors, very generous with their time and efforts to ensure the day to day operations of our community. Don, our resident historian, never ceases to amaze me with his ability to recall memories about this team when I can't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday. DFA, PT, Emperor Nobody; far smarter guys than myself and I admire their take on things and ability to present an analytical side or philisophical take on things that expands my thinking. Hell, I used to think math sucked and saw no useful purpose for it in school. Boy was I off on that one! And then there is Mikev, Pam and our resident shut-in sock puppet despising zombie hunter L. Bloom. Such quick wits. And then the woman that raised pork to an art form, Lynn.

Who am I in all of this? If I stopped participating would the community continue? I can honestly say I take great comfort in visiting the site, in chatting with my AN family, relationships that have developed over the years here. I guess I never really thought about it but I guess I am just one of the "guys" here, not really the resident anything, but then again, without me, without you, the community, the AN family would not be the same. I suck at math and stats make my head spin. I can't remember stuff like Don does nor do I have a seemingly unending supply of old newspaper clippings about the A's. I don't have a big knife and an even bigger grill. I can't stand bacon splattering me, I don't have tons of shoes and I have never fondled a goat or have a friend named Cindy. I am just me. And by just being myself, I am a part of the community. And by participating, I make a difference. As do you. Yes, you.

Just like baseball has been there for me all my life, my love of the A's and the constancy of the game, I am appreciative for all of you, my baseball family, and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this community.

God I miss baseball. Thankfully, tomorrow, all will be right with the world again. The familiar crack of the bat, the calls for Geren's job and "Play Ball" will remind me that life is good.

Feel free to add anyone's name and what their place in our community is, as I know I left a lot of people out. It will be funny to see what people think.

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