Destination: Charlotte, NC

I should not say this but I am anyway.  If the A's cannot find a home in Oakland, forget San Jose.  I think that is what baseball wants.  California is a bankrupt state whose citizens do not appreciate their team or teams unless they are winning.  The A's attendance has been terrible even when they were winning three consecutive World Series in the 1970's.  Attendance is not good now.  California's population has too many other ways to enjoy nice weather and baseball is not one of them.

Keep the A's in Oakland which I do not think is wise.  Owner Charlie O' Finley apparently remarked that it was a mistake to move the team to Oakland.

The franchise needs a home all to its own.  In recent days, there have been stories written about ownership's eagerness to move ahead in more ways than one, much to no avail as MLB studies what to do.  Bud Selig said MLB wants to get it right.

If you want to do it right, take the fuss and fight out of California altogether.  Move to the team to Charlotte, NC.

It is at least one state away, not 45 miles, away from the nearest other team, the Orioles.  North Carolina is booming.  I live in New York state.  I have never been to North Carolina but to Norfolk, Va. which is near the border and the weather is gorgeous down there.

Quite frankly, I was hoping the A's would move to Norfolk, Va. where my son is stationed in the U.S. Navy.  North Carolina is close enough.  I could drive a little more than 12 hours and see my team.

I don't have statistics in front of me to support this argument, but North Carolina like Portland only has one professional team.  Baseball has never called North Carolina home, but from what I know of the state, it continues to grow.

Another city I would suggest is Oklahoma City.  Others that come to mind are Memphis, Nashville, the state of Kentucky.  I used to root for Las Vegas, but I don't know if baseball would want to relocate there.

I want the A's out of Oakland.  Go ahead and let me have it, but tell me why the team should stay where it is at.  You can't get more traitorous than to fail to turn out when you have the best team in baseball in the 1970's and then embarrass the team and MLB by turning out.

Yes, the team supported the team in the 1980's after they WON, but when they didn't what happened to attendance, it dropped and people blame the current ownership.  If I owned the team, the first thing I would have done is MOVE outta there.

You should thank the current ownership for having put up with it all this long.

I hope Bud Selig does try to get it right because once the shine wears off, San Jose will be crimped and cramped due to its proximity to the Giants.

This franchise ceded rights to San Jose without being greedy;  they have produced a competitive team for decades.  They are a model of efficiency, but they deserve better.  Sorry Californians and AN heavyweights, your argument does not hold.  You can flock to me like rabid dogs, tear me apart, but you know I am right and I know I am right.

Sayanora, Bay Area.  Hopefully, MLB is quietly forcing the A's out of the Bear State because it is done grinning and bearing it.  Nice effort ownership.  You didn't throw it overboard and you tried to leverage a move, but maybe you need to make a REAL move.

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