DFA Draft Druthers: Round 1

HEY THERE FRIENDS! The other thread has filled up with comments, so a new one, timed to the start of the actual selections at 3 PM, seemed appropriate.

So let's make DFA's latest Druthers post the actual as-it-happens thread for comments about the picks, ok? I'll be back in a few hours with tonight's pivotal series opener vs. the Slegtastic Anaheimers =)

-- e.n.

I know I had promised to do more of these, and I haven't. Even my plan for doing more today was derailed when I crashed my bike this morning.  But longer term Ive been growing less interested in AN for a while since the decline of in-depth posts about statistics, trades, prospects, and rosterbation and the generally less intellectual environment that has emerged.  Im learning a lot less than I use to when I first started, both when others were posting and debates in the comments have been less fulfilling.  People being upset about my level of political discussion has also cut off an angle of enjoyment that this site use to serve.  The community aspect of the site is always great  and I have made some great friends, but I find that a lot of the newer memes don't make much sense and for me that part of things has always been secondary.  That coupled with my personal life being more stable and having more requirements on my time than when I was pumping out three thousand work fanposts regularly has led me to the conclusion that after the draft (which I feel a responsibility for covering over the next couple of days) Im going to take an AN break.

That being said here is my draft board:

1) Bryce Harper, C, College of Southern Nevada

Dream on Not Falling

2) Jameson Taillon, RHP, The Woodlands, Texas, HS

Not Falling

3) Manny Machado, SS, Brito Private HS, Hialeah, Florida

Not Falling past the O's

4) Yasmani Grandal, C, University of Miami-Florida

Not Falling - though I was really hoping he would as it looked like a couple of weeks ago. - New mocks from BA show him falling but I still think that CLE takes him if KC doesn't.  Would love to have him.

5) Drew Pomeranz, LHP, University of Mississippi

Best Collegiate pitcher - Not falling past AZ

6) Deck McGuire, RHP, Georgia Tech

I think Deck can be a #2 starter who gets a ton of ground balls at the big league level.  He also has the benefit of being someone who would possibly be able to significantly contribute to the A's during their window of contention.  While it use to seem like drafting pitching without a #1 ceiling was a folly because the A's depth would be able to turn out mid to back of the rotation starters, the recent shitting the proverbial bed that the farm system has done has made that a lot less likely.  Anderson was always a huge injury concern in my book, since he was hurt almost every year in the minors. Plus the A's are going to have to fill Sheets' spot when he leaves a long with another spot for the injury riddled, and possibly one for Cahill when his periferals catch up to him, which means they are going to need a starting pitcher so unless you think that Anderson Mazzaro Outman Ross Cahill will be able to fill three or four rotation slots consistently (which I don't) and thats pretty much all the A's have for SP options.  Down sides to Deck are that he won't be a number 1 starter unless getting to professional ball and having his mechanics cleaned up (sometimes he doesn't always find the same release point)

7) Christian Colon, SS, Cal State Fullerton

Will be an above average player at either SS or 2b. Love the floor but I think he can be a averagish SS with above average power and hitting for the position.

8) Chris Sale, LHP, Florida Gulf Coast University

His mechanics are horrific but he repeats them well and his results are excellent. Interesting dilemma, im less against the mechanics than I thought I was earlier.

9)Karsten Whitson, RHP, Chipley HS, Florida

Second best prep pitcher behind Tallion.  Good mixture of polish and upside.  Has more command than Covey but with one less breaking ball.  He throws a change but will need it to sharpen up at the next level, though it does show potential.  Tall dude could fill out more and add more power but he also is a HS pitcher and won't move as fast as someone like Deck.

10) Michael Choice, OF, University of Texas-Arlington

His swing is ugly as all get out, and his walks are a mirage, but his bat speed is real and should be able to play an average to slightly above average RF. Not really convinced but Id rather get him at slot than Cox at $4m because the ability to sign players late in the draft is something I care a lot about.

11) Alex Wimmers, RHP, Ohio State University

A lot like Deck in that he good stuff/polish and should be a fast mover. I like the curve on Wimmers more than Deck but his mechanics scare me more than Deck.

12) Austin Wilson, OF, Harvard Westlake HS, North Hollywood, California

If he hits his upside hes Dave Winfield. Huge dude with prodigious power, improved a lot in the last year with pitch recognition and discipline. Off the chart make up and a strong Stanford commit. Will take $3m to sign him. I love him even if not loving the price tag.

13) Justin O’Conner, SS, Cowan HS, Muncie, Indiana

I have this theory that while untested makes sense in my head. Drafting two way players with legit shots both in the field and on the mound can provide some additional safety. Now, there are some reasons to think this is wrong (mainly that the lapsed development time for one side isn't conducive to progression), but its something that I would try if I was a scouting director. O'Conner is looking like a slot pick with a lot of potential on the mound (pumping 94 with a good slider) and above average power behind the plate. Could also play 3b. Should be more signable than Willson like the D better than Sale.

14) Josh Sale, OF, Bishop Blanchet HS, Seattle, Washington

I hate hate hate drafting players who you know in HS will be below average defenders in the bottom of the defensive spectrum. Especially since he doesn't have light tower power, and hitters who are lauded as patient in HS (like Vitters) often don't turn out that way, I am concerned with the pick. He looks to have very good contact ability to go with excellent but not off the charts power. Seems similar to Brett Wallace with out the security of a 3 years of college to see if the promise rings true. This draft class sucks so hes a legitimate talent at 10 but I think hes gone to the Stros at 8.

15) Bryce Brentz, OF, Middle Tennessee State University

Should sign for slot but Im not sold on the plate discipline, his hit tool.  Hes got power and a cannon for an arm.

16) Zach Cox, 3B, University of Arkansas

See my earlier draft druthers piece. Cox is growing on me. Mostly because he's got some patience at the plate and has clearly made significant and substantial adjustments in approach, which i think is key to long term success. I think hes going to be good hitter in the pros, think Ryan Sweeney with just a little more power. 300/350/430 with average defense at third base. I think hes a 3 WAR player with that line and maybe more depending on where he finds the happy medium with his approach. Not ideal but this draft sucks. His signability has dropped him. Im not spending 4m on that though, if Im going to spend like that Im picking Wilson.

17)  Kaleb Cowart, 3B-RHP, Cook County HS, Adel, Georgia
18) Brandon Workman, RHP, University of Texas
19) Asher Wojchiechowski, RHP, The Citadel
20) Nick Castellanos, 3B, Archbishop McCarthy HS, Davie, Florida
21) Matt Harvey, RHP, University of North Carolina
22) Brett Eibner,RHP-OF, University of Arkansas 
23) Kolbrin Vitek, INF, Ball State University
24)James Paxton, LHP, Grand Prairie 
25) Peter Tago, RHP,  HS, California
26) Stetson Allie, RHP, St. Edward HS, Olmstead Falls, Ohio

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