The Spoils of Mediocrity

Just our luck every year to have a GM who finds a way to be competitive despite a small payroll, stingy ownership group and more injuries than are humanly possible. The caveat to this mediocrity is that we can't seem to top the elite teams in our league and we can't suck more than the worse teams, setting us up for a mediocre draft position.

Case in point: The Washington Nationals. Steven Strasburg, aka The Second Coming, and now they are in position to snag Bryce Harper, who apparently hits baseballs 700', can crush a bat in his bare hands and eats a whole cow for breakfast.

If only we got something for our suffering. The Orioles, Royals, Pittsburg...they get a silver lining for their travails. Sure, they can't wear their team's hat in public for fear of taunting from random strangers, but they get to pick the best kids in school when they are making their team. Remember in school (pre 90's) when you picked your kickball team and there was always that ONE kid who had hair on his chest in the 7th grade, was 6' tall, weighed 200 lbs and could kick the ball so hard it would pop? That is not the A's.

Because we have to suffer AND we are not THAT bad, we get to chose from the foreign exchange student or the math geek with glasses who wets himself.

The good news is that while we are not in position to take the Paul Bunyan, we are picking 10th. In the past we have netted Mark McGwire and Barry Zito number 10, so perhaps we could find some help at 10.

Some of the projections have a young man name Josh Sale (pronounced "Sally") falling to us at number 10. Attention A's fans! IMHO, if he falls to us at number 10, it would be like us choosing number one. Let me introduce you to Josh Sale:


From Bleasher Reports:

If there were no Bryce Harper, the player we would be occupying our time fantasizing (in a clean way) over is Josh Sale.

He doesn't have the proven track record in college ball that Cox, Morris or even Harper has, but he does have one of the highest ceilings of any player eligible this year.

Sale has gotten endorsements from just about every major draft publication as the best hitter, best power hitter, and best just about everything else.

He ranks as an above-average hitter, with well above-average power, and he can use that power to all fields to be the first player from the class of '10 to hit for the cycle.

Whichever team grabs Sale will get a franchise-cornerstone corner outfielder.



An awesome article here at the Seattle Times details a smart, hardworking young man that any GM would salivate over. Here is an excerpt...

"We just can't find guys that have enough juice to get the ball out of the ballpark," one professional scout said. "There are a lot of guys who hit for power, but they don't have the discipline at the plate to grind out at-bats. I think Josh has a chance to hit for a pretty good batting average and hit some bombs and doubles. That's what really separates him."
Instead of trying to wax eloquent and impress everyone with my musings, here is a great article from MLB Bonus Baby.

Bottom line: I really want this guy. There is a chance that the pesky Padres will snag him before we do. But if they don't, let's hope to see a very much needed hitting prospect brought into the fold.
Go A's!

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