GOG #25: Battle of the 1992 heavyweights

Our limping and handicapped heroes will maybe show up this series to play 3 games against the Pirates, who currently own a 13-game losing streak on the road.  The A's are coming off of a couple of soul-crushing defeats, but maybe the Pirates are just the kind of team we need to play.  Then again, we said that about the Cubs.  

Oh well, at the very least, we're bound to see some good uniforms on Saturday.

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  1. Series Outcome (3 points)
  2. In 1992, Bob Walk walked 43 batters in 135 IP.  Ross Ohlendorf has been giving up walks in his honor, apparently; 4.12 BB/9IP this year.  Does he give up 3 or more walks on Sunday?  What is the rest of his line: IP/K/H (2 pts each, 8 total)
  3. Ryan Sweeney can be frustrating to watch considering his dearth of power.  How many XBH does he hit this series?  How many starts does he make? (2 pts each, 4 total)
  4. GOG 23 asked for WPA values for only pitchers.  Let's go for only batters this time: give me the Starz and Goatz by WPA for non-pitchers for each team this series (2 pts each, 8 total)
  5. Are there any roster moves made this series for the A's? (1 pt)
  6. Pedro Alvarez is supposedly teh awesome as a hitter.  GIve me his PA/H/XBH/K this series. (2 pts each, 8 total)
  7. The A's seem to have this problem of not realizing they are losing until late in the game, leading to the infamous teAse.  How many runs do the A's score in their last half-inning this series?  (Just so we're all clear, this would be the bottom of the 9th if they are losing or tied, or the bottom of the 8th if they are winning.  If it goes extras, then it's in the bottom of the last inning played.)  (+/- 2 pts)
  8. Cliff Pennington finally looks like he's not swinging like he might have in 1992, when he was 8 years old.  Predict his PA/H/BB this series. (2 pts each, 6 total)
  9. Also in 1992, Dennis Eckersley had one of the best seasons ever for a closer, earning him the Cy Young and MVP awards.  But I don't think he appeared in any baseball video game commercials like our current closer, Andrew Bailey.  How games does Bailey get into this series?  Give me his IP/K/BB. (2 pts each, 8 total)
  10. New Guy/Jackson/Brows is doing well so far, both in the field and with the AN ladies. Give me an over/under/tie on these values for the series: 9 PA, 2 XBH, 2 runs scored, 3 K (1 pt each, 4 total)
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