As the All-Star games apporaches let's hand out mid-term grades...

I am starting with the front office, then the manager, and finally a few of the players.

Lewis  Wolff-  "C - " the real-estate developer better get a new stadium soon or stop wasting his time and ours, since I'm assuming he is focused entirely on moving the team to a new location...

Billy Beane- "D" the one time genius of Moneyball doesn't look so smart these days...  Better work on that legacy because you are starting to compare to the likes of Enron.  It seems the organization is in free fall and you have to fix it, being that you're the top guy!!!

David Forst- See Billy Beane's grade!

Bob "Boob" Geren- "F" epic fail, enough said!!!

Kurt Suzuki- "A - " let's hope we can sign him to a contract extension

Kevin Kouzmanoff- "B"  nice recovery from a slow start, welcome to the A's and I hope to have you around for many years to come. 

Daric Barton - "B" finally showing everyone he is a solid all around 1Bman. Glad you found your mojo again.

Cliff Pennington-  "C-" defense is great and we're hoping to see a better second half with the bat.

Ryan Sweeney-  "B" looks like the power may never develop but if the BA stays around .300 with your plus skills using the glove, I won't complain!

Rajai Davis- "C" I prefer to have you as a 4th outfielder and excellent late game pinch runner / ideal sub for off days and late game defensive upgrade.

Jack Cust-  "C-"  you are what you is...     :)

Coco Crisp- "I"  the grade is listed as incomplete because you need to actually play in MLB games in order to receive a grade.

Eric Chavez- see CoCo Crisp grade...

Dallas Braden-  "B-"  the 209 will always remember you dawg!! Perfect game after A-Roid incident.

Trevor Cahill- "A"  You have exceeded expectations from my point of view.

Ben Sheets "D+"  maybe I had too high of hopes??? A nice finish finish in the second half can still net you a grade of B-, so shoot for that, cool?

Gio Gonzalez- "B-" solid work but can improve as you possess the tools to be a top tier starter when you are in the zone.

Andrew Bailey- "A"  my choice for All-Star rep along with Suzuki...

Please feel free to leave your own grades AN , because I am interested in reading your gradebooks of other players and your responses to my grades...

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