GOG #23: Can’t wait for the DH


After a disappointing Cubs series, our elephants take on a bigger challenge in playing the Cardinals in St. Louis.  Further, we also get the pleasure of facing Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright, two of the better right-handed pitchers of the last several years.


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  1. Series Outcome (3 points)
  2. WPA seems to be popular.  Let’s limit it to pitchers, though: which pitchers from each team post the highest and lowest individual game WPAs (all numbers from Fangraphs, 2 pts each, 8 total)
  3. As mentioned in the intro, both Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright are scheduled to pitch in this series.  What are their combined strikeouts for the series?  Combined walks?  (2 pts each, 4 total)
  4. Bob Geren seems to consult a magic 8-ball for many things, including lineup choices.  Do we field the same lineup for any of the three games (excluding pitchers)? (+/- 1 point)
  5. Speaking of being shafted, Rajai’s been doing well recently but sat for Wednesday’s game after going 3-4 in the previous game.  Predict his PA/H/K/SB (1 point each, 4 total)
  6. Jack Cust was having an affair with a .300 average, but he dropped her to .289.  Does he raise it to .300 or over by the end of the series?  Also, predict his statistical trifecta: HR/BB/K (2 pts each, 8 total)
  7. We need to have Mazzaro World on Friday if we are to have a chance against Carpenter.  Predict Vin’s IP/H/BB/K (2 pts, 8 total)
  8. Those SOB LOBs!: The A’s left 23 runners on in the Cubs series.  Predict the A’s team LOB +/- 5 for this series.  What is the highest individual LOB on the A’s in any of the three games?  Who holds that dubious honor?  (2 pts, 1 pt, and 1 pt, so 4 points total)
  9. Jeff Suppan isn’t much of a strikeout pitcher.  Over his career, he has around 5 K’s/9 IP.  How many A’s does he K on Sunday?  How many walks does he issue? (2 pts each, 4 total)
  10. Unfortunately, that Jake Fox for Albert Pujols trade never materialized.  If only, because that Poo-holes guy is kinda good.  Predict his H/XBH/HR (2 pts each, 6 total)



Alright, go A’s!  Shuffle over the Cards!

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