What Perfect Dallas Might Mean in the Longer Run

Other than I am going to try for some royalties for my "Get Off of My Mound (Cloud) Lyrics".

But seriously.

1. He will now go down in baseball history for more than the weird scrape with one of the game's greatest players. (See: Root, Charlie) Even if he only wins another "handful" of games, he has this one, shared by only 18 other men in the game's long history;

2. The hype for that next Yankee series, and particularly the next time he takes the mound, will be monumental. Even better if somehow both teams could be in first place when it occurs, but we can't ask for everything;

3. He has clearly emerged as the leader of this pitching staff and very possibly the entire team. John Kruk and Nomah both basically said tonight: "if those guys don't listen to him or learn from his example, they're idiots." I don't think Anderson, Gio, Cahill and Co. are idiots. This has to give them all more confidence in what is still the formative parts of their careers where inconsistency can often reign;

4. The entire A's team has to start wondering if this year has something special in store for them. Confidence in baseball is probably only as strong as your next starting pitcher, but after all the injury woes and lack of respect this team has had to endure, to be Kings of the Baseball World, if only for one day, might just embolden them to play a little better than they should;

5. 12,228 is an awful number. Anyway you slice it. Mother's Day (the Philadelphia 76ers-- with Doctor J-- once drew 6.500 for a Game 7 in a playoff series on either Mothers' Day or Easter Sunday, can't remember which) is a legit excuse, but it is the typical Coliseum crowd. And now the naysayers will let loose the undercurrent of this success: "too bad nobody was there to see it" or "Like Ted Williams' last home run at Fenway (similar crowd), it will be up to 100,000 that were at this game before year's end". But it will put even more focus on the serious financial straits the disappearing fan base puts on the franchise, and of course spur even more San Jose talk.

6. Which gets me to this final point. School won't magically end in the next week. Season ticket sales won't explode because of one game. AT+T Park and the Giants stranglehold on the local media, not to mention their own superlative pitching staff and pennant aspirations, won't all of a sudden disappear. BUT THIS SHOULD MEAN MORE BUTTS IN THE SEATS. This franchise is getting more national publicity today than at any point in the last 4 years. The story-- his grandmother, Stockton, ARod-- is incredibly compelling, and for once the moribund A's publicity machine needs to milk it for everything it's worth. A nice road trip and they may return home in first place. And at that point there should be a lot of deserved excitement for this team, whatever the ballpark conditions or lame duck status in Oakland.

I think there's a halfway decent chance, like with the Griffey walk-off game vs. the Yankees that spurred the Mariners on to their first playoff appearance and forced the legislature to commit to what eventually became Safeco Field, that this game-- this perfect game-- might be viewed one day as a real turning point. The day things started to turn irrevocably better for the A's franchise-- on and off the field. I think that future will ultimately be in the South Bay, but there will be a ball team playing in Oakland for at least the next three years, if not more. May 9, 2010 was perfect; may the next 1,000 or more days bask in its glory and yield many more near-perfect experiences as well.

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