How are the ex A's doing one month in and what was Billy's biggest Mistake?

Here are some ex A's with stats on the year with who was traded for them.  this isn't ment to bash anything or anyone, just a what if.

Dan Haren- 3-1      4.50era.  For him we got:

     Dana Evland- 2-1        4.76era. dont really miss him

     Greg Smith-1-2          7.33era. really dont miss him

     Brett Anderson,  Chris Carter double boo-yaa and don't forget

    CF Carlos Gonzalez- 3hr 17rbi 330avg 348obp 848ops. son of a bitch. for him we got

Matt Holliday-               4hr, 11rbi, 283avg, 313obp, 807ops, for which we also gave up

    Huston Street. DL. had a good year last year but now costs 7million instead of a cheap Andrew Bailey till 2015

Brett Wallace came for Holliday and in AAA so far he's- 8hr 17rbi282avg 365obp 989 ops and.still playing 3rd?.

son of a bitch  who we flipped for

     Micheal Taylor- 2hr 15rbi 247avg 314obp 776ops.

 I know its early in this trade but i think every A's fan would rather those Wallace/Taylor numbers be reversed especailly when i think about

Andre Ethier    9hr 26rbi 365avg 432 obp 1.161ops. double son of a bitch.  who we traded for

  Milton Bradley 2hr 12 rbi 226avg 333obp 737ops 

 and for those of you say we needed Milton in 06' I say

2006 14hr 52rbi 276avg 370obp 818ops Milton Clubhouse Cancer vrs

            11hr 55rbi 308avg 365obp 842ops  Ethier 06 '+4 more years

 Milton fked us again when we had a trade worked out for

 Leo Nunez 1-0 0.00 3saves. 26 saves last year. but Bradley ended up "injured" so we got Andrew Brown instead



Jason Giambi- 0hr 1rbi 100avg 387obp 537ops

Barry Zito-4-0 1.53 (he's costing almost 2 million a win since signing with the Giants, good for him this year)

Nich Swisher-15rbi 282avg 371obp 889ops  (Gio Gonzalez, Ryan Sweeney, Fautino De Los Santos)

Jason Kendall -0hr 4rbi 287avg 361obp 694ops (Jerry Blevins)

Marco Scutaro- 2hr 7rbi 278avg 364obp 735ops (Grahm Godfrey 4.62 AAA sac)

Scott Hairston- 4hr 10rbi 271avg 357obp 892ops (Kouzmanoff)

Shawn Gallager -7.94era

Ryan Webb- reassigned

Craig Italiano- 0.00era in 22 AA/AAA innings

Rich Harden- 1-1 4.56era (Eric Patterson, Josh Donaldson, Gallager)

Bobby Crosby -1hr 5rbi 265avg 390obp 772ops

O.Cabrera- 2hr 14rbi 236avg 288obp 623ops traded for and we still have:

  Tyler Landendorf SS. 306avg 375obp 783ops 0 errors in 15 games AA

Travis Buck- 1hr 2rbi 219avg 324obp 699ops. (how did he ever get 10million a year and how did Seattle end up with so many rejects and overpaid players this year?)

Adam Kennedy- 1hr 11rbi 214avg 268obp 598ops

Mark Kotsay -2hr 4rbi 159avg 245obp 540ops

Jerremy Bonderman-5.74era


some who got away when just a few more million could have got it done-

Justin Smoak- draft not signed 05,  1hr 4rbi 148avg 333obp 666ops. the next coming of Texeria?

Johnathan Papelbon-draft not signed 02' 2.77era 7saves

Adroldis Chapman (according to the A's we came in second in that sweepstakes. will 5million a year will be worth it when its all signing bonus and he can get even more in arbitration later?) 1.29 era. probably yes and he would get more today.

son of a bitch on all three.


Joe Blanton DL (Adrian Cardinas, Josh Outman)

Jack Hannihan Reassigned. ( Justin Souza 3.21 AA )

Arron Cunnighan Reassigned

A.Embree DFA

Kiko Calero FA-injury concerns. (1.95era in 09')

Dan Meyer 16.20era DL (3.09 in 09')

Chad Bradford FA-injury concerns (2.12 era in 08')



now there are more like Pena, Ludwick, Cruz (7HR)etc but there success was far removed many years and/or many teams after the A's let them go. if anyone wants to include them or the ex A's from a long time ago like Tejada (856OPS) feel free.  

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