Mini Draft Preview

Most of these assessments stem from reading Baseball America's Draft preview

Bryce Harper C: Will go 1st overall

Yasmani Grandal C: Shows ability to adjust at the plate, Fringy behind the dish, weak arm, switch hitter, shows ability to draw walks

Justin O'Conner C: Prep, excellent arm behind the plate, great bat speed, great offensive tools for a high schooler, can get pull happy,  could move to third?

Christian Yelich Inf: Prep, plus power, athletic for a 1B, weak arm

Kolbrin Vitek 2B: Great hitter, athletic, strong arm, could play outfield, maybe CF

Zack Cox 3B: Best pure hitter in the draft, power in question, strong arm, questions about range, good hands

Nick Castellanos 3B: prep, has agility and arm strength, had a great offensive showcase, had trouble against offspeed pitches

Kris Bryant 3B: prep, 6ft 5in, athletics, light tower power, needs to overhaul his swing, strong arm, many questions about his swing, signability issue

Dominic Ficociello 3B: prep, Great offensive tools, make up issues, streaky, average arm but terrific hands

Manny Machado SS: prep, great offensive tools, great defensive tools, top 5 pick

Christian Colon SS: Nice offensive tools, has power, range is limited, arm is ok, tremendous hands and footwork

Jedd Gyorko SS: questions about defense at SS, bad body, limited range, natural hitter, patient, hits for contact, power rates as avg, will hit, where he'll play is a question

Tony Wolters Inf: great defensive ability, average hitter, could play SS, could be mark ellis at 2B

Josh Sale CO: prep, not a great fielder, thrower or runner, rock solid frame, bat speed is phenomenal, will get drafted for his bat, terrific makeup

Michael Choice: could be CF, above avg hitter, K's plenty, can walk, good phsycial tools, most likely destined to the corner outfield

Austin Wilson CO: prep, terrific arm, bat is streaky, good instincts in the outfield, trouble with pitch recognition

Drew Vettleson Inf, Outfield: prep, good pitching prospect topping out at 90 with a solid curve, good pitch recognition, solid approach at the plate, played many positions

Gary Brown CF: (2007 12th round pick by the A's) one of the fastest players in the country, 80 speed, above avg tools at the plate, doesn't draw walks, doesn't hit for power, will be plus defender in CF

Ryan Lamarre CF: legitimate CF, solid plate discipline, streaky with walks, great makeup, projects as plus hitter with avg-slightly above avg power

Delino Deshields Jr CF: prep, 80 speed, bloodlines, makeup in question, streaky bat, still raw

Levon Washington CF: (failed to sign as Rays 30th pick), speed has taken a hit from top of the line to well above avg, wrist injury effected his hitting abilities, excellent hand eye coordination, weak arm

I'd be content if Zack Cox fell to us, Kolbrin Vitek intrigues me, it's hard to make judgements about players you haven't seen in person, if there's a positive response to this I'll do one for pitchers

if you were wondering the A's have the 10th overall pick for the 2010 Draft


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