Hanley Ramirez

I have given this some thought and I wonder if Beane has or intends to make some calls regarding Hanley Ramirez. I think everyone by now knows what happened and that there could be some bad blood in Florida. I wanted to explore the scenario of Hanley to the A's.

I'll start off by saying this is my first post, so be gentle. Secondly, I realize Hanley has a no trade clause which he would have to waive. If this were a year and a half ago, I wouldnt have even dreamed this happening, but after Beane parted with Carlos Gonzalez for Holliday, I don't think the A's are a team that will just sit back. If there is an opportunity to improve, I think it will be explored.


Hanley is signed through I believe 2014. He is currently 26 and we would have him in his prime. Through today he has a career .315/.386/.528. He provides 30 HR potential and could steal another 30 bases. He is a solid defender who projects to be batting third.

Why I think Oakland should look at the possibility of acquiring him:

  • He provides us with perhaps the best right handed bat since Frank Thomas.
  • He has 5 tools
  • He is signed through 2014 and wouldnt be a one year stop gap player.
  • He gives us a legit 3rd bat in the lineup capable of hitting double digit homeruns
  • He would displace Cliff Pennington who I'm still not sold on
  • He would give Barton some protection as well as Taylor and Carter when they arrive.
  • Florida has a history of trading their expensive players. Though they vowed not to do so anymore, this could be a scenario where they trade a player based on attitude and not dollars and cents.
  • Though not a bad thing, there is a surplus of A's pitching prospects. Though they will not all make it into the big leagues, Curt Young made Lenny Dinardo into a respectable pitcher. I feel its harder to find an impact bat than a servicable back of the rotation starter.

Hanley would have to waive his NTC, which could be a tough sell to Hanley. Florida though not a huge hitters park is certainly better than the Coliseum. His average would take a sizable hit. He would go to a team that wasn't thought of being contenders, though Oakland is very much currently in the race. From Florida's perspective, do they want to trade the face of the franchise? Probably not. But if there is a problem between your star and manager and you fire Fredi Gonzalez, you arent sending a great message to the team. Florida in virtually all likelihoods wont be able to keep Hanley in 4 years and could try to get a package back like they did for Miguel Cabrera. Florida is also in contention currently, though it remains to be seen how the team will respond after this incident.

Reasons I wouldn't trade for Hanley:

  • It could cost an arm and a leg
  • Hanley may have lost the passion to play and even a change of scenery may not help him. He may be fading even entering his prime.
  • He could disrupt the positive atmosphere in the A's dugout.
  • He could pull a Matt Holliday and really struggle.

I'm not really sure what it'd take to get him. I think Vin Mazzaro or Gio Gonzalez would absolutely have to be part of this. Carter and Taylor can't be under any scenario. Cliff Pennington would likely have to be going the other way. Henry Rodriguez possibly too. Perhaps one of our infield prospects. Cardonas or Weeks.

Anyways I remember reading about how some felt BJ Upton would be a great guy to get after his down year, and I want to hear what you guys think about looking at Hanley Ramirez and what you think it'd take to get him.

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