Updated with answers! GOG #11 -- all my ex's live in Texas. (Actually, only 1 does)





Something is wrong with the universe when the Rangers’ offense is second to its pitching.  This alien team hosts the A’s in Texas for three games, which has traditionally been a house of horrors for our beloved team.



This GOG has 22 possible points.  (Make sure to score GOG #10 in case you haven’t read this.  If you have scored it already, well, I hope we all score more points on this one!)


Probable Pitchers 

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1. Series outcome (3 points) 2-1 Texas

2. Maybe all that work by the Ryan Express is paying off.  The Rangers are currently 4th in the AL in starter’s ERA at 3.75.  Ryan’s approach is to stress conditioning and not worry a lot about pitch counts.  To that end, what is the highest pitch count a Rangers’ starter records this series?  What is that pitcher’s IP/H/BB? (4 points) 108 from CJ Wilson on Thurday: 7 IP, 4 H, 3 BB.  Go ahead and give the pitch count point to yourself if you were +/- 5

3.  Assuming he doesn’t get food poisoning from all those babies and puppies he is consuming, Eric Patterson will probably start some of these games.  Predict his PA/H/K this series (3 points, 1 pt each) 6 PA, 3H, 0K

4.  Speaking of things that suck, our DHs still suck.  Vlad, however, apparently still has some swings left in that overly-pine-tarred bat.  Predict XBH from DHs for both teams.  (2 points, 1 pt each) A's 1, Rangers 0

5. Michael Wuertz has looked pretty good so far.  Predict his IP/BB/K (3 points, 1 pt each) 2IP, 0BB, 1K

6. The Ballpark at Arlington is where ERAs increase like the humidity and IP by starters decreases like ARod’s popularity amongst players.  What is the shortest outing for an A’s starter this series by IP? (2 points) 4IP by Gio on Weds

7. On May 5th 2000, the A’s lost a backbreaking 17-16 game here, with Mike Lamb getting the walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th for Texas.  It seems like many games played at the Ballpark in Arlington have many runs scored.  What is the highest run output for either team in any game this series? (1 point) 10 by Rangers on Weds

8. Amazingly, Darren Oliver pitched in relief that game, and after bouncing around between approximately 80 other teams, is again in the Rangers bullpen at the age of 40.  Does he make an appearance in this series? (1 point) Yes, 2

9. Elvis Andrus can run and so can Rajai.  What are the stolen base totals for these players? (2 points) Andrus 1, Rajai 0

10. Kevin Kouzmanoff has been a part of 3 DPs defensively, and has 5 GIDP.  How many of each does he participate in for this series?  (Note that GIDP is literally GIDP: do not count things like K/CS or being thrown out in a sacrifice attempt, 2 points) 0 defensive DPs, 0 GIDPs

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