"Diamond seats opening night!" or..."Why I am brown bagging it all week"

Bucket List Items related to the A's: Sit behind home plate for opening night. Attend Fantasy Camp. Sit in a hot tub naked with Stomper (oops, sorry, got my list mixed up with Don's list)

Item 1 checked off, thanks to A. bcoo2002 B. my inability to manage a checkbook (I still have checks, how can I be out of money?!)

So, despite the threat of rain, me and my girl geared up and made our way to the parking lot for a little pre-game tailgating with the AN crew.

Since we were in the Diamond Section (did I mention that we were sitting in the Diamond Section?) we got Diamond parking, which is next to the Mariners team bus. We walked over to the tailgate and got to see BBG make her grand entrance fresh from Oakland International Airport, courtesy of gigglingone's shuttle service and assorted and asundry AN characters.

When you are sitting in the Diamond Section you get to enter through the visiting players tunnel, past their locker room entrance.



While walking through the tunnel you can hear the sounds of angels in chorus (NOT the California of Tustin near El Segundo variety) reminding you that you are on hallowed ground. I think they pipe it in. Then, you are greeted by some kid in a suit and he knows your name and directs you to your seats, where you not only get your own waitress but all the food you can eat. It's kinda like an AN tailgate, but lynnzgal brings you the awesomeness! Since I spent 400 bones I made it a point to eat at least $100 in food.




The view from the Diamond Section is truly awesome. Yep, that is Ken Griffey Jr. blowing me off for an autograph after I, by myself mind you, not a throng of people, waited patiently through some inane story about this and that with some friends of his in the Diamond Section for 15 minutes. You'd think since his last season was a few years ago he'd be more amenable to signing. Perhaps since I was decked head to toe in A's gear (donning my newly acquired "Denorfia" game used jersey) may have had something to do with it. I did not, however, get the same cold shoulder from the likes of Milton "The Bird" Bradley or Mike Sweeney, keeping my newly signed baseball solely A's or past A's.






"Can I get your autograph?"

"You are kidding, right?"


Being in the Diamond Section gives you access to the player's entrance on both sides. Since I revert to a 12 year old in the presence of baseball players, I used my powers of charisma (and pathetic pleadings) to coax about 15 autographs out of the players, including Campy!










Welcome back Chad!



Some of you at the tailgate got to meet Britta, my lovely amazing super-de-duper girlfriend. We had an amazing time despite the outcome!



Sitting in the Diamond Section you never know who is going to be sitting next to you. On one side  you have a guy that steals bases,



on the other you have a guy that steals baseball teams.



"Mr. Wolffe, I think you should not move my team to San Jose! By the way, could you sign my ball?"

Close game and close to the action!





Special note: There was quite a stir on AN after bcoo2002 posted about the tickets in the Diamond Section. I want to report that he not only sold them to me at face value, but offered to give me my moneyback, went the extra mile to help me get the tickets transferred and was a really great guy about the whole thing. Thanks Bro!

Extra special note: Thank you to my wonderful girlfriend for taking these shots and for putting up with my obsession with the A's :) You are the best Baby!

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