Matt Garza - could the A's trade for him???

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! 

It seems the A's have largely settled any 5th starter acquisition conversations by stockpiling a collection of mediocre potential candidates for the role (McCarthy, Harden, Humber etc.) to add to their in house candidates like Ross, Cramer, Outman, and Mortenson.  There's been some debate regarding whether or not the team should pursue a trade for Joe Blanton.  However, I've noticed on a couple of "rumor mill" type sites that the Rays are allegedly considering shopping Garza.  IF this turned out to be the case, and that seems unlikely, I would suggest that the A's should go whole hog after Garza.

He would not come cheap, that's for sure - however, if the package given up by the Brewers in the Greinke deal is the top end indicator of what a young, stud right hander might land you in a trade, I think the A's could assemble the pieces necessary to at least make Andrew Friedman pause for consideration.  

Why would we trade for Garza?  Because he's a young proven, valuable, commodity that we would have under team control for the next 3 years.  Despite a slight decline in value last year, he's entering his prime, and he would make our rotation incredibly strong 1-5. 

1. Cahill

2. Anderson

3. Garza

4. Gonzalez

5. Braden


That's a pretty awesome rotation.  Of course, we'd probably be paying an inflated price for Garza considering the dearth of SP's on the market and the fact that he's coming off a season, despite having regressed statistically, where he threw a no hitter and garnered quite a bit of national attention.  A package that might interest the Rays would likely have to include either Carter or Green.   I think something along the lines of Carter, De Los Santos, Cardenas, and either Krol or Ross would likely suit Tampa's desires.  It would be a lot to give up, but on the flip side, should we decide to deal Garza or another starter at some point down the line, we could potentially more than make up for what we gave up to acquire him.  Plus, you stack that rotation along side an offense that could potentially feature Beltre batting in the middle of the lineup alongside Matsui and Willingham, and I think the A's are pretty unstoppable.

I know I'm probably overrating him, but I like Garza a lot.  I like his combination of stuff and competitive fire - he reminds me of an older, further along right handed Gio Gonzalez in some ways.  I think it could potentially be worth it for the A's to go after him hard should he become available.  Is it worth it?

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