Holiday Link Dump: Corey Wimberly's stirrups, we hardly knew ye

No, this Link Dump has nothing to do with a frowning, jettisoned left fielder.

AN/UniWatch favorite prospect Corey Wimberly has been traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for RP Ryan Kelly, who wears high socks, but not stirrups.

Wimberly first impressed in spring training, showing excellent hosiery for a prospect.



He didn't make the big team, but he absolutely dominated the stirrup-to-height ratio for the Sacramento RiverCats. (h/t Flashfire)



OK, in all seriousness... not much A's news going on today.

Stanford basketball coach Tara Vanderveer earned her 800th win last night

The rest of the 800 club is composed of Pat SummittJody ConradtC. Vivian Stringer, Sylvia Hatchell and Barbara Stevens, who won her 800th for Division II Bentley University on Sunday.

"It's not about the number. It's not about me," VanDerveer said. "It's about being at a great university and coaching these players and having them buy in. I feel I've got to keep pace and do a great job for them."

VanDerveer called the win over Azzi's team "special" but added, "I didn't plan it that way. I didn't want it that way."

Warriors assistant coach Stephen Silas will join his father in Charlotte

Early on Wednesday morning, Warriors assistant coach Stephen Silas got a call from his father. Paul Silas had just accepted the job as interim head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. But he wasn’t just calling his son to share the good news.
“He said he wanted me to come with him and ‘I couldn’t do it without you,’ ” Silas said, recalling his father’s jarring statement. “And it wasn’t like it used to be – I can’t do it without you because I need you around. Now it’s ‘I can’t do it without you because of good of a coach you are.’ That feels good to hear your dad say that. It’s hard to turn that down.”

Reason No. 1A of why I really, really, really don't like the NCAA. And I'm not even a fan of THE Ohio State.

OK, so, accepting discounts... I kind of want to hear more about that. If it's legit, then yes, that's bad. But selling off rings and stuff that belong to them? Really? Who are they hurting? The NCAA tries to even the playing field between athletes and regular students. So if the school gives me a backpack or something at freshman orientation (since I'm not an athlete or anything, this is the quickest comparison that comes to mind), I can't sell it on craigslist?

This column by Rick Reilly is a few years old, but it's spot on.

Last week, for instance, the NCAA brought notorious Utah coach Rick Majerus and his outlaw basketball program to justice. Just look what the NCAA nailed this cretin on:

Unashamedly purchasing a dinner in 1994 for his player Keith Van Horn at a Salt Lake City deli. At 3 a.m., no less! So what if Van Horn's father had died that night? Or that Majerus was the one who had to tell him? Or that Van Horn wanted Majerus to stay with him until his 8 a.m. flight home? This ain't Dr. Phil!

"I guess I should've reached over as he was getting on the plane and said, 'Hey, you owe me $9.90 for the ham and eggs,' " Majerus says.

Guess we know why Cliff Lee signed with Philly. (Warning: YouTube) He just wanted "a genuine cowhide Rawlings Pro Special, one autographed by Roy Halladay."

Wow, quick work turning Qualcomm Stadium, home of tonight's San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (that just rolls off the tounge, huh?) from a lake to something playable.

Whatever you're celebrating these next few days, please do so safely!

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