Let's Do This! Carlos Quentin Anyone?







                      The A's have a glaring hole in their lineup, power of course. However, Carlos Quentin has regressed since his breakout 2008 season. Should we attempt to acquire him? My answer is yes! Following a 36 Home Run, 100 RBI season in which he finished 5th in the AL MVP Voting, Quentin has dropped off a lot over the last two seasons. He has missed 94 games and only hit .240 over that span, while garnering a simple WAR of -.04, becuase of his defense. However, Quentin is only 28 and owns the power we so need.


                                                                       Let us look at it this way


                       His homerun total each of the last three seasons would have led the A's. Additionally, he doesn't strike out much and puts the ball in play. His defense is absolutely horrible, there is nothing anyone can say that can defend these following stats: A negative defensive WAR of 3.0 over the last three seasons, and 17 errors over the same period of time. This is something we don't need when the A's pride themselves on defense. However, no one said that we need to actually play him in the field. What about DH? If not, are we willing to sacrifice some defense for offense? I would say so at this point! Additionally, his contract isn't absurd. He earned 3.8 million in 2010, and will make just about the same give a few hundred thousand.


                                                                        The "Booty" Quentin would require

                     The Whitesox are said to be looking for a package including a reliever. What reliever are we talking about? Are they looking for a closer to replace Bobby Jenks? Or a young middle/late ending reliever? They are said to be okay with Matt Thornton closing games in 2011, but i am not 100 percent sure about that. So, there is a chance they would ask the A's for Andrew Bailey, who has made two consecutive all-star games. Is he a player we are willing to trade for Quentin? Not entirely sure. Consequently, i am not sure they are looking to add a closer as i noted above. Either way, the A's would have to add another player or two to the equation.


Possible Trades

1. A's send RP Andrew Bailey and C Josh Donaldson to the White Sox for Quentin



2. A's send RP Michael Wuertz, OF Ryan Sweeney and SP Clayton Mortensen to the White Sox for Quentin



Personally, i would like the second trade the best. Chicago is looking for a 4th outfielder, and that would come in the form of Ryan Sweeney. Additionally, Wuertz could end up being their main set up man for Thornton. Mortensen adds a rover type pitcher that can alternatve between the rotation, and the pen.

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