Free Agent Predictions

I think it might be cool to let everyone give their 2 cents on free agent destinations.

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Just want to let people know that these are my predictions and that they will probably be 90% wrong. =P


These are my predictions (1-25)

1) Cliff Lee-Yankees 6yrs/150mil This is simply too much money for Lee to pass up.

2) Carl Crawford-Angels 6yrs/120mil I see the Angels getting one of Crawford/Beltre/Werth; its basically a toss up.

3) Adrian Beltre-A's 4yrs/52mil I'm sure this is just my heart talking, but its possible if we severely overpay.

4) Jayson Werth-Red Sox 5yrs/90 mil They need some reliable outfielders, and he's been pretty healthy for a couple of years

5) Adam Dunn-Cubs 3yrs/30mil Dunn doesn't want to DH and Cubs love his home run potential in Wrigley.

6) Victor Martinez-Tigers 4yrs/40mil Tigers have money to spend and they need a backstop

7) Rafael Soriano-Angels 3yrs/30 mil Rodney and Fuentes didn't work. Going keep trying until they find a closer

8) Mariano Rivera-Yankees who else?

9) Paul Konerko- White Sox 2yrs/20 mil Konerko means too much to the White Sox to let go.

10) Derek Jeter-Yankees Next

11) Hiroki Kuroda- Orioles 2yrs/20 mil They desperately need SP and willing to overpay.

12) Jorge De La Rosa- Nationals 3yrs/30mil Nationals won't get Cliff Lee and will have to settle for JDLR

13) Carl Pavano-Twins 2yrs/18mil I don't see him going anywhere else

14) Jake Westbrook-Cardinals 3yrs/27mil Started pitching insanely good when he came to St. Louis

15) Aubrey Huff-Giants 2yrs/20mil Sabean will give Huff this ridicuous contract even with Brandon Belt ready

16) Juan Uribe-Giants 2yrs/15mil Nothing new for Sabean

17) Carlos Pena-Orioles 1yr/6mil Orioles need power and Pena needs to regain his value for next year.

18) Jim Thome- Twins 1yr/8mil Crazy good numbers last year for the Twins; will definitely stay

19) Vladimir Guerrero-Rangers 1yr/7mil Guerrero needs Arlington to be productive

20) Manny Ramirez-Indians 1yr/4mil Indians will want to put butts in seats. I can see Ramirez going back where his career began

21) Magglio Ordonez-A's 2yrs/13mil I'm hoping he comes to play DH/RF for us. .300avg 20hrs 100rbi

22) Orlando Hudson-Mets 3yrs/20mil They need to get rid of Ruben Tejada.

23) Derek Lee- Red Sox 1yr/8mil With Beltre probably leaving; Red Sox will want a new 1st baseman and move Youkillus to 3rd.

24) Lance Berkman-Diamondbacks 1yr/4mil Diamondbacks need 1st baseman and leadership.

25) Andy Pettite-Yankees look at Jeter/Rivera


Let the predicting begin

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