End of an Era -- Eric Chavez' option declined. Crisp, Ellis picked up.

BBG: I wanted everyone to read this. Thanks mikev!

Here's a link from Slusser yesterday at SFGate


So, in case you hadn't caught wind of it yet, or hadn't read BBG's post about the Cy Young yesterday, you may not have heard yet about three A's players who had option years for 2011, and the decisions made by the team.


Coco Crisp had a $5.75 Million option, which combined with his $5.25 Million last season (Cots) makes it a no brainer.  Crisp's 3.3 WAR 2010 season  was worth $13 Million according to Fangraphs, making the 2011 option year basically playing with house money.  I think it's a good deal, especially if Crisp manages to stop breaking his fingers.  Also, he's got the best hair on the team since Bobby Kielty.  The 'fro needs to stay.


Mark Ellis also had his $6 Million option picked up by the team.  Based on one of the best defensive seasons of his career by UZR and an absolutely nuclear month of September when he hit .405/.453/.534 and raised his overall season figure to a respectable .281/.358/.381.  That's a .326 wOBA for those of you watching from home, just slightly below league average, and combined with his stellar defense, Ellis used his magical unicorn powers to the tune of 3.3 WAR or $12.9 Million in value (Fangraphs).  There's been a mixed bag of feelings on the Ellis option, where some feel that Adam Rosales could equal Mark's production at a fraction of the cost, allowing the A's to use that money to pursue other free agents.  Me, personally, I don't mind it.  While there's no guarantee that Ellis will be "worth" $6M in 2011, and there are likely other options who could equal his production and would be cheaper, I like the guy.  Sometimes it's OK to want a guy to stay just because you like him.  That said, I'm pretty sure Ellis is capable of a 1.5 WAR season.


Signing him to an extension, though?  I'm not so sure about that one, unless it's REALLY cheap.


So I'm saving this other one for last, on purpose.

Eric Chavez - perhaps you've heard of him?  Frank "Home Run" Baker aside, Chavy is probably the best third baseman in the history of the Oakland Athletics.  Yes, injury derailed his career.  Yes, we all knew that there was very little chance that his $12.5 Million option would be picked up, as he's only appeared in 64 games over the past three seasons.  That said, even though we all knew it was coming, it kinda sucks to see a guy who was on his way to being one of the best Athletics ever end his time with the team with such a whimper.  After multiple seasons of frustration hoping that he'd be healthy, wishing that the A's would do something about the black hole at the hot corner, and wondering if Chavy would ever actually come back and contribute, we've got our answer finally:  No.


So, let's send him off properly.  I'm sure the AN Chicks will repeatedly post THAT ONE PIC with him in the sunglasses or whatever.  Share your stories, thank him for the good years, piss and moan because we kept Chavez over Tejada (really, seriously, it was the right move.  Seriously.)  Whatever you want.  Get it out, because Chavez was one of my favorite Athletics of all time, and now he's not.   Here, I'll start:

Bye, Chavy.  Thanks for the memories.  I'm going to miss defending you, defending the team's choice to sign you instead of Miggy, watching you pick it at third like no other player I've seen, and your sometimes brutal honesty with the media.  Please don't sign with another team and further break yourself.  Take Carney's old job at CSN or something and enjoy your career after playing.

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