"Throw Like a Girl" needs your help!

It was suggested (Thanks, Pam) that I share this with the good people here at AN.  This is a call for assistance for Cami  Kidder, a documentary film maker, who has been working on a film about girls' and women's baseball.

Cami has set up a site to help raise any amount, help make this effort a reality. It is a time sensitive fundraising effort and there are just a couple days left.

Take a look if you are interested and please pass it along to anyone else. 

From Cami:

You may have already seen information and updates on Facebook, but since that is a hit-or-miss situation, I hope you don’t mind me reaching out directly to share what is happening with my current film entitled; Throw Like A Girl.

The project was accepted by for crowd fundraising! We have received pledges from 36 backers that amount to about 20% of the budget. Which is super! Now we have just 2 days remaining to attract enough attention and support to reach our goal. It is an all-or-nothing proposition, so the pledges will only be collected upon IF we reach our funding goal of $14,000 AND not until Dec. 1, 2010.

Creating this profile was quite a bit of work, but I have faith that it will be worth it. Now the trick is getting as many people to check it out and support the film as possible. Most of the projects I looked at were funded by several hundred people donating between $20 and $50, instead of looking for a few people to invest thousands. A $25 pledge is essentially pre-buying a DVD of the finished film, but there are many more levels and rewards to choose from. I hope you will take a look and feel free to share the link with anyone you think might be interested. Persons interested in the Executive Producer Level awards are especially welcome to contact me to discuss and receive documents relating to the shooting schedule, budget, exposure and distribution plans.

Also donations can be sent directly by mail to:
StarVehicle Enterprises
c/o Cami J Kidder
P.O. Box 35652
Los Angeles, CA 90035

They understand everyone may not want to register with kickstarter and/or with Amazon Payments, so there is an established procedure for taking those donations and converting them into pledges anonymously. You are still welcome to choose a reward for your support.

I have posted the profile link on my page on Facebook as well the fan page for Throw Like A Girl, and will continue to do so, but any and all suggestions on how to increase the ‘buzz’ for Throw Like A Girl is much appreciated. If you want to put it on your Facebook page too, that would help us reach more and more people. The profile video isn't the trailer for the film, more of a project explanation, but I was able to use a few clips from the Womens’ World Cup in Venezuela and some of The Sparks who played exhibition games in Memphis at the National Youth Baseball Championships.

If you have a project or even an idea for one, and would like me to assist you understand how the kickstarter process works, just ask! I certainly don’t know everything, but am very happy to share what I do know.

Hope you enjoy,

PS will be launched in the next month.

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