How the Garland and Vasquez Deals will affect Iwakuma Negotiations

In case you did not know:

1) John Garland signed a 1 year deal worth 5 million with a vesting option.

This is very sweet deal for the Dodgers because Garland is basically a lock for 200+ innings. Garland can also post a decent ERA around 3.75-4. I wish Beane would have gotten this deal done.

2) Javier Vasquez signed a 1 year worth 7 million with a full no trade clause.

I like this deal but  not as much as the Garland deal. Vasquez can give the Marlins a 200+ innings with an ERA hovering around 4 and leadership. I would not be surprised if it was even lower because of the move to the National League.

These are two MAJOR LEAGUE PROVEN starters and they getting less than 8 million.

As everyone knows around here, Iwakuma's contract demands (11-12million) are ridiculous. Beane can use these deals as leverage because Iwakuma is unproven and Garland and Vasquez are. If Iwakuma really wants to pitch in the majors he will accept a similar 4 yr/ 15.8 million dollar deal. I also believe Iwakuma will receive lots of pressure from his Japanese team the Eagles. The Eagles will want the 19.1 million dollar posting fee. I expect immense pressure from Eagles to get a deal done. In the end I see a deal (4yrs/18mil) getting done at the 11th hr on December 6th.

I also want to name some of the other interesting external possible options if negotiations fall through.

Jeremy Bonderman- Low Risk/Med-High Reward-This guy has a lot of potential and is young, still has good stuff but lacks control.

Brandon Webb-High Risk/High Reward- This is extremely unlikely because of the already potential suitors. Also I am not impressed by his progress or his velocity.

Kevin Correia-Low Risk/Med Reward-This guy had one good season(2009) with a 3.91 ERA in the comfy Petco Park. He is also kind of injury prone. He might not be  a bad option as a 5th starter or long man.Type B arbitration offered.

Chris Young- Low Risk/Med-High Reward-This guy is basically Duke. When he is healthy which he hasn't been in 3 years, he can post sub 4 ERA. He will definitely be cheap and could be worth a flyer.

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