Should We Really Hate the Yankees?

I will take on anyone in a Yankee hating contest.  I despise most of them.  But then I saw Swisher at the plate tonight, and thought, I don't really hate this guy.  He loves to give interviews, do funny dances with Milton Bradley, he is a fun guy to watch.

Then I started to think about my reasons for hating the Yankees.  I hate their overblown payroll.  Then I started to think, "would I hate myself if I was overpaid?"  I guess Kurt Cobain did.  Should we hate money?  Should we hate success?  Should we hate people with money succeeding?  That sounds like some of the premise our country was founded on.  I get the vibe a lot of the dislike of Barry Zito comes not from his poor pitching, but from his average pitching while making a lot of money.

Below is a list of 2010 Payrolls which I found at Wikipedia and Dollars per Win which I calculated.  Maybe who we should really hate is the Mariners, who spent almost as much $/win as the Yankees and lost 100 games.  Interestingly 5 of the 8 playoff teams were in the bottom half of payroll.  Only 2 of the top 10 teams made the playoffs, and the Braves were 10th.  Our beloved A's were 3rd in the league in lowest $/win, with the Marlins running away with it, because their payroll was less then half the 2nd lowest team, the Rays.  It looks like the Rays have out-A's the A's, again.  I remember looking at the Rays World Series team 2 years ago and thinking "5 years ago these guys would have all been on the A's."  Upton and Longoria and Price are exactly the kind of young talent the A's like to lock up until their arbitration years.

Then I saw that the Yankees outspent the Mets by more than $70 million, They outspent the 2nd highest spending team by more than the salary of the bottom 10 payroll teams.  With that payroll you know they are just buying mercenaries, guys with no allegiance to anything who would off their own mother if the price is right.   So there's my reason, the Yankees spent a lot more than anyone else.  Well that, and they are the Yankees.

Rank Team 2010 Payroll Wins Dollars per Win
1 New York Yankees $209,081,579 96 $2,177,933.11
2 New York Mets $138,685,197 79 $1,755,508.82
3 Detroit Tigers $138,683,978 81 $1,712,147.88
4 Boston Red Sox $138,292,937 89 $1,553,853.22
5 Chicago White Sox $121,152,667 88 $1,376,734.85
6 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim $119,216,333 80 $1,490,204.16
7 Chicago Cubs $118,595,833 75 $1,581,277.77
8 Los Angeles Dodgers $118,536,038 80 $1,481,700.48
9 Seattle Mariners $117,993,982 61 $1,934,327.57
10 Atlanta Braves $102,424,018 91 $1,125,538.66
11 St. Louis Cardinals $100,624,450 86 $1,170,051.74
12 Toronto Blue Jays $98,641,957 85 $1,160,493.61
13 Philadelphia Phillies $98,269,881 97 $1,013,091.56
14 Houston Astros $88,930,415 76 $1,170,137.04
15 Milwaukee Brewers $81,004,167 77 $1,052,002.17
16 Cleveland Indians $78,970,067 69 $1,144,493.72
17 San Francisco Giants $76,904,500 92 $835,918.48
18 Cincinnati Reds $74,277,695 91 $816,238.41
19 San Diego Padres $73,677,617 90 $818,640.19
20 Colorado Rockies $68,655,500 83 $827,174.70
21 Texas Rangers $68,239,551 90 $758,217.23
22 Baltimore Orioles $67,196,248 66 $1,018,124.97
23 Arizona Diamondbacks $66,202,713 65 $1,018,503.28
24 Minnesota Twins $62,182,767 94 $661,518.80
25 Kansas City Royals $58,245,500 67 $869,335.82
26 Washington Nationals $54,961,000 69 $796,536.23
27 Pittsburgh Pirates $49,365,283 57 $866,057.60
28 Oakland Athletics $47,967,126 81 $592,186.74
29 Tampa Bay Rays $43,820,598 96 $456,464.56
30 Florida Marlins $21,836,500 80 $272,956.25
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