A quick org. chart to see where (most) everyone goes


I learned a lot about how the A’s operate when I read Moneyball, but the thing that really stuck in my mind was the bit about the board Beane had that showed the depth chart of the entire organization. I wanted a board like that but my wife refused to let me put one up in our bedroom… or in the living room.


Our son’s room was also declared off limits.


And we didn’t have a garage.


So my dream was put on hold by the "sensibilities" of my beloved bride. But my desire for all-encompassing knowledge and power never truly abated (nay it only grew stronger) and as such it was only a matter of time before it came to fruition! Via Excel spreadsheets.



I mean really, a giant board with magnetic names tags is so archaic.


The problem with Excel is it tends to be a pain in the ass to copy over to a fanpost and I’ve seen more than one occasion where people were trying to figure out how the A’s roster is going to shape up, both in Oakland and in minors. Thanks to Google Documents I’m going to be able to post a spreadsheet that will show the starting line-ups for all the A’s affiliates and I’m hereby asking for the link to be posted on AN’s front page in the Minor League side bar. That way anyone interested will be able to look at the whole A’s organization with just one click.


That spreadsheet won’t be finished until just before the 2010 season starts but I thought it might be nice if I could help people get a visual idea of how things are shaping up so far this winter. The following is how I think that giant board looks in early January, what with Duke and Cust back in the fold for 2010. Some of this is dead reckoning on my part; other parts come from various scouting outlets. All of it is subject to change come Spring Training.




First Base








C. Carter





Y. Carter


G. Ortiz






My. Richard



Second Base


Third Base























Left Field

Center Field

Right Field























Some explanations are in order. Names in bold print are prospects that ranked in the Top 10 for both and Baseball Prospectus. Italicized names are players who, regardless of prospect status, I expect to be starting at that position for their particular minor league team. Blank spaces mean I haven’t got a clue; either there are multiple options that don’t stand out enough to declare a front runner (Stockton’s LF) or there simply isn’t anyone obvious to fill the hole (Stockton’s 1B).


And don’t get overly caught up with where I position players on a particular roster. For example, Grant Desme has spent most of his career in CF but I have him listed as Midland’s RF. There’s two reasons for that: One is his scouting profile fits better in the corner and the other is Peterson’s bat is weak and if he can’t play solid defense in CF he’s going to struggle to make it in the Show. In spite of that, I foresee Desme and Peterson swapping back and forth between the two positions.


Obviously, a lot of familiar names have been left off this org. chart. The benches are going to be in flux from now through ST with a trade or two likely in the works. The A’s outfield situation is nearing critical mass; with a tendency towards a 12 man big league pitching staff and an April schedule with two off days Oakland’s bench isn’t going to be able to hide anyone. Aaron Miles has enough big league experience that he could fight any move to send him down to the minors, even worse; aside from Gregorio Petit, Miles is the only back-up SS on the 40 man roster. Powell is the back-up catcher, leaving no more than two roster spots available for outfielders. Jake Fox can handle spot duty at both the outfield and infield corners, plus he can be a back-up catcher in case Powell is feeling sickly. Buck and Cunningham both have options remaining (although there is nowhere in Sacramento for them to get playing time) so the last spot will go to Scott Hairston. Patterson has better wheels but Hairston’s RH power serves as a better compliment to Crisp/Davis/Sweeney and he plays competent enough defense to handle any outfield spot. (CF on a limited basis, preferably.)


Patterson looks to be trade bait, and honestly, so does Aaron Cunningham. I realize Travis Buck is the more expected nearly departed but the fact is Cunningham is a bit more versatile defensively, he has solid enough minor league numbers, he has two options remaining and he’s only going to be 24 next season. Cunningham is the more attractive trade chip and if you want to get any kind of quality return while filling holes elsewhere Cunningham is going to net the A’s more than Buck will.


There are probably more than a few names on the org. chart that will spur a question or two and I’ll be happy to answer any that I can. I’m still working on a chart for the pitchers… maybe I’ll take the easy way out and skip doing the bullpens just so se can discuss the starting rotations. It’ll be a few days either way.


And thank you for your support.

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