UN-REC TIME Happy Birthday to Me DLD! September 8th, 2009

Isn't it kind of an AN tradtion to post a DLD on your birthday?  Maybe it was just a few people fishing for birthday wishes?  Well I got my pole out, lets see what happens? (TWHS)

I am 26 years old today, I was born September 8th, 1983.  Lets take a look at September 8th, 1983 in history.

Notable September 8th Birthdays

   The only person on that list that I know is David Arquette, not exactly a Superstar but he is more famous than I.  I'm sure some of the AN smarties will have heard of some of the others.

Another list. More people, less details

1157 - Richard I, [Richard the Lion Hearted], King of England (1189-99)                                                                                                                                                                                        

1889 - Robert A Taft, (Sen-R-Ohio, Taft-Hartley Act)
1908 - Geoffrey Hodges, bomb disposal expert  (seriously? famous for dispoing bombs?  awesome, but famous?)
1925 - Peter Sellers, England, actor (not now Kato, Bobo, Pink Panther)  (I LOVE THIS GUY! YES!)
1950 - Will Lee, rock guitarist (Late Show with David Letterman)
1966 - Peter Furler, Australia, christian musician (Newsboys) (Cool, my wife's favorite band)                                                                                                                                                                                    

1971 - Brooke Burke, American model                                                                                                                         1978 - Marco Sturm, Dingolfing GER, NHL forward (Sharks, Team Germany 1998)
1978 - Gil Meche, American baseball player
1979 - Pink, American singer
1981 - Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Bethlehem PA, actor (Randy-Home Improvement) (whoa, my wife had a crush on him when she was a teenager, weird)


 I like that list a lot better.  I guess I could delete the first link but whatever.


The September 8th Wikipedia page

 Things that stood out to me


1504Michelangelo's David is unveiled in Florence.                                                                                                          

1951Treaty of San Francisco: In San Francisco, California, 48 nations sign a peace treaty with Japan in formal recognition of the end of the Pacific War

1966 – The first Star Trek series premieres on NBC

1968The Beatles perform their last live TV performance on the David Frost show. They perform their new hit Hey Jude.

1998Mark McGwire hits his 62nd home run of the season off of Steve Trachsel (Chicago Cubs), breaking Roger Maris' long standing record of 61.   (I went to the A's game that day for my birthday with my Uncle's family, I remember hearing about Mcgwire in the car on the way)


Today in baseball history

Lots of cool things happend in baseball on September 8th, including

1965 -- Bert Campaneris of the Kansas City A's played all nine positions but had to leave after a ninth-inning collision with Ed Kirkpatrick of the Angels. The Angels won 5-3 in 13 innings.


The A's on September 8th since 1983.

The Oakland A's weren't very good in 1983 and they didn't play on the 8th.  At least Rickey was there.

The first A's game played on my birthday while I was alive (1984) was a success.

 Rickey stole 2 bags and Carney Lansford went 4-5 with a double and rbi.

We won't talk about what happend in1985 or 1987.

In 1988 the A's won 5-1.

Curt Young was good that day - 8IP, 1 ER, 7 K.  And Eck got a 1 out save. 

 In 1990 Rickey saved the day with 2 HR

In 1991 it was a team effort for the win

Nice win in 92' 

14 runs but no HR, Carney went 5-6.

Bill Gates gives the A's the win in 93'

In 1996 the first 9/8 extra innings game while I was alive ended in the A's favor, thanks to a Tony Batista HR in the 10th

In 1999' the rare Jason Giambi triple made an appearance and Olmedo Saenz hit a solo jack in the win

In 2001 Mark Mulder got his 18th win (and hit his old teammate Ben Grieve)  and the offense exploded for 4 HRs and 10 runs

(quick side note, I'm watching game 1 of the 1974 WS on mlb network and Reggie Jackson was just interviewed.  He talked about Finley's crazy stunts and commented on how he liked "Hot Pants day" because he got some phone numbers and dates that day!)

In 2002 Zito, Mecir, and Rincon shutout the Twins and Piatt and Tejada hit HRs

My last birthday win.  In 2006 a Swisher grand slam and Frank Thomas 2 run HR help Dan Haren get a win despite giving up 10 hits and 4 runs in 5 IP


So on my B-Day since 1983 the A's have 11 wins and 11 losses (edited). Not that great but it could be worse. No games were played on September 8th in 83, 86, 94, and 07.  Come on 09 squad, give me a birthday present!!

 Dump away AN, let me know if a link doesn't work because it is getting late and I need to go to bed. 


UPDATE - 09/09/09

   I added up the wins and losses incorrectly yesterday.  The A's were actually 11-11 on 9/8 since 1983 but with the win in 2009 the Athletics are now over .500 at 12-11.  Fellow ANers Ice Cream, ZigFan31, and Santa Cruz Surfer rejoice!

Might as well add a new link since I'm updating.

Today is 09/09/09, last set of repeating, single-digit dates that we'll see for almost a century (until January 1, 2101).


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