GOG 2009 #50

It's the 50th GOG of the season! Thinking back to late April, where did we all think that we would be at this point? If I take a look here, I see that roughly 90% of us thought that these last series against the Angels would be a meaningful part of the division race.

Now, some might say that the A's have been playing like a playoff team over the last month or so. I would just like to point out that, for this series, one team is starting Jered Weaver, John Lackey, and Joe Saunders while the other team is starting Gio Gonzalez, Dana Eveland, and Edgar Gonzalez. I think that I can pick the playoff team out of that lineup. Putting aside some justifiable pessimism, I'll just focus on the A's offense, which has definitely been clicking lately, and the remarkable job that the bullpen has done. The race is still on to determine whether Oakland or LAAAAAAA will finish with more wins for the decade. So let's go A's!


GOG #50 :: Last Rats of the Season (32 points possible)

Three game series @ Los Angeles Angels -- September 25-27

UPDATE -- answers added below in bold

  1. Series outcome [3 points] 2-1 Oakland
  2. Rank the three Angels starters (Weaver, Lackey, and Saunders) by pitcher game score, best to worst [2 points for each correct position] Weaver (50), Saunders (48), Lackey (24)
  3. In their most recent starts, Gio, Dana, and Edgar pitched only 3.2, 5, and 3.1 innings, respectively. How many total innings for the A's starting pitchers against the second best offense in baseball? [3 points] 14.2 IP
  4. In 351 career plate appearances against Oakland, Vlad Guerrero has been held to a mere .884 OPS (compare to an American League career value of .930). Predict his AB/H/TB for the series [2 points each] 12 AB, 1 H, 1 TB
  5. Jack Cust is currently tied with Scutaro for fourth in the AL with 90 bases on balls (Figgins is first, followed by Abreu and Bay). How many walks does Cust draw in this series? [3 points] only one BB for Spartacust
  6. About a week ago, Mike Scioscia said that he was considering giving some save opportunities to Kevin Jepsen. This hasn't happened yet, and Fuentes continues to lead the AL in saves (currently tied with Joe Nathan). Jepsen has been the much better pitcher this season, despite having a nearly identical ERA to Fuentes. They have the same strikeout rate, but Jepsen walks fewer hitters, keeps the ball on the ground, and allows far fewer HR. By WAR, Jepsen has been a full win better than Fuentes this season. Of these two relievers, who has the lower ERA for the series? Who allows the fewest hits per inning? Who has the lowest walks allowed per inning? [+1 for each right answer, -1 for each wrong] Jepsen posted a 21.60 ERA, allowing 1.8 hits and 1.2 walks per IP (1.2 innings total) while Fuentes pitched 1 inning and allowed no runs, 1 hit, no walks... so Fuentes wins in all three categories
  7. Of the five projections systems displayed on fangraphs (Bill James, CHONE, Marcel the monkey, Oliver, and ZiPS) expectations for Erick Aybar's OPS this season ranged from .660 to .701. The fact that he is currently OPSing .761 while playing good defense at shortstop is another reason why I hate the Angels. ZiPS is still not impressed, projecting him to put up a .655 OPS for the rest of this season. Guess whether Aybar has an OPS of above or below .700 for the series [+1 if right, -1 if wrong] Aybar OPSed .946 for the series, which is decidedly above .700
  8. Win Probability Added values for relief pitchers can fly all over the place, thanks to high leverage situations near the end of close games. Which Oakland reliever has the best WPA for this series? [3 points] Wuertz has the most WPA, with +.113
  9. Oakland hitters have received only 16 intentional walks, fewer than any other team in baseball. Do the Angels choose to put any Athletic on first for free? [+1 if right, -1 if wrong] nope
  10. How many games in the series are decided by 3 runs or fewer? [3 points] 2 (games 1 and 3)

Jered Weaver kicks things off at 7:05 sharp. Go Oakland!


After grading the first few questions, I thought that Angry Sean had a shot at a perfect score. It didn't work out, but he still did well. So did a couple other people.

Overall scoring statistics

  • mean = 5.42857 points
  • standard deviation = 4.21927 points
  • mode = 3, 5, or 12 points


Your Scores

The winners for GOG 50 are swatnick and Angry Sean! Those two plus JLeverenz were pretty much head and shoulders above everyone else on this one. Also, I would be remiss not to note that JLeverenz crossed the 200 point mark and Rated-R Superstar passed 300 points!

nameplace (this GOG)score (this GOG)# of GOGsplace (all GOG)score (all GOG)place (by AVG)score by AVG
swatnick1122982451 0.264
Angry Sean1245924423 0.167
JLeverenz31131152088 0.209
Rated-R Superstar484433057 0.218
micdog2001574152769 0.208
muffinpryde66421023821 0.174
colin7548627418 0.177
stranahanahan5143374N/E 0.173
streetfan94451420927 0.142
nevermoor1034513572 0.244
easyraider3192012910 0.204
zaniac751214823485 0.225
adragon130321716725 0.161
doctorK14-150726324 0.163
Mantecan As FanDNP--1951N/E 0.024
SoCal As FanDNP--143093N/E 0.200
NateHSTDNP--1526112N/E 0.225
DCinWCDNP--16328426 0.158
GoAsDNP--341222214 0.197
mikeADNP--31112324 0.227
ZeroIndulgenceDNP--202511619 0.176
gigglingoneDNP--16241176 0.225
KimberlyDNP--211913115 0.189
obliqueDNP--381321720 0.176
vegAN ryANDNP--45227N/E 0.185
diehardoaklandfan22DNP--162810611 0.202
Walton711DNP--1789N/E 0.214
travdog6DNP--2951N/E 0.013
BooneeDNP--35819N/E 0.174
RayJEddDNP--1229104N/E 0.252
A'sBowlingLeagueDNP--25819N/E 0.244
elephantbaseballDNP--192112613 0.200
brian.onlyDNP--46914N/E 0.096
robertmelvinDNP--64341N/E 0.188
OaktownPowerDNP--162711012 0.201
roscoeDNP--291816122 0.168
FlashfireDNP--1886N/E 0.143
designatedforassignmentDNP--36816N/E 0.145
tresselfanDNP--4857N/E 0.046
KMoAsFanDNP--45720N/E 0.137
Gallagher's WatermelonsDNP--17410N/E 0.238
GreenOctober69DNP--1828N/E 0.190
SLOtownDNP--103760N/E 0.174
baseballnut020DNP--94151N/E 0.173
MaineAthleticDNP--123473N/E 0.187
j_rich36DNP--1857N/E 0.167
scutaroknowsthewayDNP--1923N/E 0.071
train80DNP--351620617 0.179
FormerHuntsvilleStarDNP--113188N/E 0.251
jay_senseiDNP--64244N/E 0.227
Athletix ManDNP--93859N/E 0.199
A'sfaninNCDNP--3842833 0.231
Athletics fan and runnerDNP--65227N/E 0.133
Holy Toledo!DNP--1923N/E 0.083
NicoDNP--17410N/E 0.278
JLaffDNP--1914N/E 0.111
WaddellCansecoDNP--55128N/E 0.164
crb29DNP--113570N/E 0.196
eastcoasta'sfanDNP--45623N/E 0.161
OaktownflavDNP--36417N/E 0.156
Future EdDNP--64341N/E 0.197
JediLeroyDNP--1828N/E 0.222
DalesmanDNP--2886N/E 0.083
nateh37DNP--74539N/E 0.174
anomaly_katDNP--36118N/E 0.173
sprtsnwynDNP--26417N/E 0.250
VORP is too nerdyDNP--44732N/E 0.234
asyouwish33DNP--1828N/E 0.250
jeffroDNP--46118N/E 0.150
CutthemulletDNP--35524N/E 0.238
stabbin_mcadamsDNP--17410N/E 0.312
jasontheaDNP--44930N/E 0.219
fruitattackDNP--114831N/E 0.086
Helloooo 1stDNP--64634N/E 0.165
King RichardDNP--27113N/E 0.203
jplDNP--84055N/E 0.222
baseballgirlDNP--17410N/E 0.286
whiteshoes40DNP--18366828 0.116
walkoff baltimore chopDNP--1857N/E 0.200
spiffyjwcDNP--27113N/E 0.194
samljmDNP--1789N/E 0.265
pam5981DNP--73859N/E 0.276
Gaijin_SukettoDNP--16914N/E 0.424
harenshairDNP--1521126N/E 0.249
toskDNP--55029N/E 0.179
mikevDNP--16417N/E 0.515
Leopold BloomDNP--1951N/E 0.029
ElQuesoCapitanDNP--36118N/E 0.194
TrainmanDNP--2923N/E 0.049
OptimistPrimeDNP--1905N/E 0.179
dtownmbrownDNP--45425N/E 0.182
BlicksDNP--212112616 0.183
chillicothe20DNP--1789N/E 0.265
ChadGodDNP--17113N/E 0.382
SamYamDNP--35819N/E 0.186
JLopezDNP--4789N/E 0.069
robbo650DNP--46417N/E 0.132
Steve in NapaDNP--1951N/E 0.032
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