GOG 2009 #49

Sorry, but life has been throwing me curveballs lately, so this is going to be a short GOG. Hopefully this series will turn out like the last two, right?


GOG #49 :: Ranger Revenge? (21 points possible)

Four game series vs Texas Rangers -- September 21-24

UPDATE -- answers added below in bold

  1. Series outcome [3 points] 2-2 split
  2. Though Brad Ziegler doesn't have the same magic as he did last season, when he set the record for consecutive scoreless innings to start a major league career, he has actually been a better pitcher. The groundballs are still there, and the ridiculously low HR rate to go with it, plus he is striking out more hitters while walking fewer. The fact that his ERA is up to 3.15 in 2009 can be explained by his BABIP, which went from .246 in 2008 to .355 in 2009. And that is really a comment on Oakland's infield defense (and a dash of luck), not anything wrong with Ziggy. Predict his IP/K/BB for these four games [2 points each] 2.1 IP, 2 K, 3 BB
  3. Ian Kinsler is proving himself to be a star player, with his second consecutive season at 4 WAR. Comparing this year to the last one, there are some significant differences, however. His BABIP is way way down, falling from .339 in 2008 to .246 this year. Ordinarily we might chalk that all up to bad luck (and I'm sure there is some luck component in there), but part of it seems to be a real change. While Kinsler's HR per fly ball ratio is up a bit this year, the main reason that he is about to break the 30 HR mark is because he is hitting a lot more fly balls than he did in the past. His fly ball rate is up from his previous norm of 43-45% to almost 55%, and the batted ball category that has declined is line drives. A big reduction in the number of line drives he is hitting surely accounts for part of the drop in BABIP, and his batting line has suffered as a result. It will be interesting to see if this is a one year fluctuation, or if it really represents the new Ian Kinsler. Anyway, the question is to predict his hits, home runs, and line drives for the series [2 points each] 1 H, 0 HR, 1 line drive (for a game ending double play)
  4. How many plate appearance for Travis Buck in the series? Does he record a hit? [3 points for the first question, +-1 for the second question] 6 plate appearances and he did get a hit
  5. Which Gonzalez posts a better game score, Edgar or Gio? [+1 if right, -1 if wrong] Gio's start was moved back a day, so he didn't pitch and this question doesn't count. But even Gio could have probably done better than Edgar Gonzalez's game score of 21.
  6. As a team, the Rangers have almost identical numbers hitting against righties (.770 OPS) and lefties (.771 OPS). In this series, do they score more runs against the A's righties or lefties (counting starters and relievers)? [+1 if right, -1 if wrong] Waaaay more runs scored off of right handed pitchers, which isn't surprising because the righties threw waaaay more innings.

Game 1 starts at 7:05 pm. Don't swing and miss!


Just catching up on some grading...

Overall scoring statistics

  • mean = 4.41667 points
  • standard deviation = 3.17543 points
  • mode = 5 points


Your Scores

The big winner is Rated-R Superstar! The big loser? That would be me.

nameplace (this GOG)score (this GOG)# of GOGsplace (all GOG)score (all GOG)place (by AVG)score by AVG
Rated-R Superstar1104332977 0.218
swatnick292882331 0.260
muffinpryde3641923221 0.174
streetfan45441520527 0.143
nevermoor54413542 0.248
easyraider518201268 0.210
zaniac75744723474 0.229
Angry Sean444923225 0.162
doctorK9349726423 0.167
micdog20011024052699 0.208
stranahanahan2133569N/E 0.175
colin12-247526918 0.178
Mantecan As FanDNP--1951N/E 0.024
SoCal As FanDNP--143093N/E 0.200
NateHSTDNP--1526112N/E 0.225
DCinWCDNP--16328426 0.158
GoAsDNP--341222214 0.197
mikeADNP--3192325 0.227
ZeroIndulgenceDNP--202511619 0.176
gigglingoneDNP--16241176 0.225
KimberlyDNP--211913115 0.189
obliqueDNP--381321720 0.176
vegAN ryANDNP--45227N/E 0.185
diehardoaklandfan22DNP--162810611 0.202
Walton711DNP--1789N/E 0.214
JLeverenzDNP--301619710 0.205
travdog6DNP--2951N/E 0.013
BooneeDNP--35819N/E 0.174
RayJEddDNP--1229104N/E 0.252
A'sBowlingLeagueDNP--25819N/E 0.244
elephantbaseballDNP--192012613 0.200
brian.onlyDNP--46914N/E 0.096
robertmelvinDNP--64341N/E 0.188
OaktownPowerDNP--162711012 0.201
roscoeDNP--291816122 0.168
FlashfireDNP--1886N/E 0.143
designatedforassignmentDNP--36816N/E 0.145
tresselfanDNP--4857N/E 0.046
KMoAsFanDNP--45720N/E 0.137
Gallagher's WatermelonsDNP--17410N/E 0.238
GreenOctober69DNP--1828N/E 0.190
SLOtownDNP--103760N/E 0.174
baseballnut020DNP--94151N/E 0.173
MaineAthleticDNP--123373N/E 0.187
j_rich36DNP--1857N/E 0.167
scutaroknowsthewayDNP--1923N/E 0.071
train80DNP--351420617 0.179
FormerHuntsvilleStarDNP--113188N/E 0.251
jay_senseiDNP--64244N/E 0.227
Athletix ManDNP--93859N/E 0.199
A'sfaninNCDNP--3842833 0.231
Athletics fan and runnerDNP--65227N/E 0.133
Holy Toledo!DNP--1923N/E 0.083
NicoDNP--17410N/E 0.278
JLaffDNP--1914N/E 0.111
WaddellCansecoDNP--55128N/E 0.164
crb29DNP--113470N/E 0.196
eastcoasta'sfanDNP--45623N/E 0.161
OaktownflavDNP--36417N/E 0.156
Future EdDNP--64341N/E 0.197
JediLeroyDNP--1828N/E 0.222
DalesmanDNP--2886N/E 0.083
nateh37DNP--74539N/E 0.174
anomaly_katDNP--36118N/E 0.173
sprtsnwynDNP--26417N/E 0.250
VORP is too nerdyDNP--44732N/E 0.234
asyouwish33DNP--1828N/E 0.250
jeffroDNP--46118N/E 0.150
CutthemulletDNP--35524N/E 0.238
stabbin_mcadamsDNP--17410N/E 0.312
jasontheaDNP--44930N/E 0.219
fruitattackDNP--114831N/E 0.086
adragonDNP--311716724 0.166
Helloooo 1stDNP--64634N/E 0.165
King RichardDNP--27113N/E 0.203
jplDNP--84055N/E 0.222
baseballgirlDNP--17410N/E 0.286
whiteshoes40DNP--18366828 0.116
walkoff baltimore chopDNP--1857N/E 0.200
spiffyjwcDNP--27113N/E 0.194
samljmDNP--1789N/E 0.265
pam5981DNP--73859N/E 0.276
Gaijin_SukettoDNP--16914N/E 0.424
harenshairDNP--1520126N/E 0.249
toskDNP--55029N/E 0.179
mikevDNP--16417N/E 0.515
Leopold BloomDNP--1951N/E 0.029
ElQuesoCapitanDNP--36118N/E 0.194
TrainmanDNP--2923N/E 0.049
OptimistPrimeDNP--1905N/E 0.179
dtownmbrownDNP--45425N/E 0.182
BlicksDNP--212012616 0.183
chillicothe20DNP--1789N/E 0.265
ChadGodDNP--17113N/E 0.382
SamYamDNP--35819N/E 0.186
JLopezDNP--4789N/E 0.069
robbo650DNP--46417N/E 0.132
Steve in NapaDNP--1951N/E 0.032
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