If Daniel777 was GM (some ideas for 2010)

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With our boys blazing away in September, some things have started to clear up for 2010.
I thought I'd share what we could possibly do this off-season.


Opening Day line up:


C1 Suzuki

1B Uggla/Glaus

2B Ellis

3B Wallace/Glaus

SS Pennington

LF Carter

CF Davis

RF Sweeney + Hairston platoon

DH Uggla/Glaus/Carter/Wallace


C2 Powell

OF Cunningham

IF Iwamura or J.Hairston or Kennedy or O-Cab.


Retired/DL Chavez



-Uggla AND Glaus? Yes, Uggla and Glaus. The Marlins are going to be hawking Uggla on the trade market (because they are too cheap to pay him) and Billy needs to be right there to lap up his RH power-y goodness. His fielding is inconsistent from year to year, ranging from average to bad, moving him to 1B/DH can only be a good thing. Also, his K/BB has improved out of sight this year and he has had an excellent 2nd half offensively. Glaus is the sort of cheap post-injury retread that we usually get, and if he is all the way back from surgery he can play some 3B (which UZR thinks he played quite adequately in '06-'07-'08).


-Where is SpartaCust? Either traded or non-tendered. It has finally come to the time where he is going to cost us too much for what he is. He is eligible for arbitration for the second time, and for 5ish million, a mediocre/declining (2009) bat + disaster in the field is not the right price. Also, he has stopped hitting LHP this year. Will probably be unpopular amongst ANers, but the right decision.


I could see Carter starting in AAA for April/May so that we can keep him under control longer, in that case Cunningham or Buck or Hairston or a warm body would hold his place.


SP Anderson

SP G.Gonzalez

SP Cahill

SP Braden

SP B.Myers

SP Mazzaro

P Breslow

P Kilby

P Blevins or Gray

P Ziegler

P Wuertz

P Bailey


DL Outman

DL Devine



-You wouldn't believe it, but Brett Myers is actually a ground ball-leaning pitcher. Maybe the offense killing Coliseum will be a boost to his numbers (especially HR/FB). Having an injury-plagued last couple of years, and allegedly being a “clubhouse cancer” potentially puts him right in our price range.


-We have so many potential relievers that the A's could possibly use one or more of them to snag another bat or SP.


So there you have it. A trade with the Marlins and a couple of buy low free agent moves (if they want to come to us, of course), plus the debuts of Carter and Wallace create a dangerous, reasonably priced contending team in my opinion.

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