Inexplicable Lack of Information From the Organization

The latest blog post from Susan Slusser really highlights a worrying off-the-field trend I'm seeing with this organization...namely the inexplicable lack of available information related to player news and the general lack of transperancy in general with this club. The Slusser article seems almost laughable:

Top news from here: Dallas Braden is iffy for tomorrow's start with a rash that became inflamed on his left ankle. I asked the option if Braden can't go and manager Bob Geren said they're considering the options. I mentioned Edgar Gonzalez and didn't get much idea if Gonzalez is in the mix. "We'd have to get someone else," Geren said.

Braden's rash was the result of a neoprene guard he wears to protect his big toe, which drags during his delivery. Braden is wearing a big wrap on his foot today.

Jason Giambi didn't come off the DL today and when asked about it, Geren said, "Nothing has changed." I pressed him to be more specific and he said nothing more than that, that nothing has changed. I asked since when, and he said since yesterday. I asked what it is specifically that is keeping the team from activating Giambi and he said, again, "Nothing has changed."

So.....I'm baffled.

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Slusser goes on to mention Justic Duchscherer, who was mysteriously scratched from his rehab start last Friday for undisclosed reasons...reasons that remain undisclosed well into the following week AFTER he was initially scratched from the start. Previous reports indicated that Duchscherer pitched well and felt fine after his first rehab start in Stockton, so this mysterious lack of information is even more troubling.

So, Geren seems completely ignorant of the team's thinking and just ends up looking moronic with his bland and vague answers to completely legitmate media questions, while the higher-ups certainly seem especially nefarious as they hoarde any and all information that the paying fan is entitled to, in my humble opinion. Not only is the team keeping information from us, but they now seem to be actively providing us with MIS-information at the same time - "Duchscherer felt fine after his last outing and is on track to be activated in August/Travis Buck still has a bright future with this team/Eric Chavez felt great after his latest surgery and is on-track to be ready for Spring Training".

I feel bad to be bringing this up after a great win last night and hate to be Debby Downer, but is anyone else concerned about this? It's really frustrating for me, but I can't imagine how it must seem to Slusser and others actually trying to make a living out of getting accurate and interesting information from within the Concrete Curtain of the Oakland/Alameda Coliseum.

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