Lets corner this part of the FA market in the offseason

[UPDATE] apparently Joel Sherman of the NYPOST reads AN and wants to use this theory with the Mets in getting DeRosa and Figgins, only he, a paid journalist, suggests that DeRosa could be had for 2/10 and Figgins for 3/24, which flies in the face of many responses to my post, which suggest they would be headed for much, MUCH larger paydays than that:


I guess we are officially back to rebuild mode and with money coming off the books and the notion of our youngsters breaking out around 2012, I think we should try what we did this year again but smarter. With the economy still not very good, it looks like most teams (not BOS or NY ones anyway) are going to shy away from big long term deals, a good chunk of players will have to take 1 year deals again. Lets hope Beane goes smart not brand name this time around. Im also all for playing the rookies, but if they are just too awful it would be nice to have a well rounded team to support us at a spot that might need it. 

Anyway theres a number of players who can be called "super utility" types, would it be a good idea to get them all? With our injury history Im saying yes, here's who we should sign:

1. Mark DeRosa UTL. I honestly think Beane's new bright idea is to get as many guys who can play everyday at multiple positions to hold it down wherever we need it until our position players are truly ready to come up. We were inquiring about him before our big May/June collapse, and I think we will get him this offseason. He'd might end up too expensive if STL goes deep into the playoffs and he makes a name for himself there, but if he can be had for 3/21 lets do it.

2. Adam Kennedy UTL. Same deal with DeRosa, he looks to have really revitalized his career and loves it here for the opportunity we gave him, and could be had for virtually nothing, 1/2? 

3. Chone Figgins UTL. This is the big one, I really think it would be smart would it be to corner this kind of market. With our dubious injury history it surely can only be a good thing right? He's looking at a big deal, but hes got an 820 OPS lifetime in Oakland, thats worth its weight in gold. The fact he can play literally everywhere except catcher, is something we need more than anything. Plus he's a leadoff hitter with good OBP. Dont go for 5 years, but do what it takes to get him. Backload the deal so it gets bigger when Chavez's ends.

4. Marco Scutaro SS/UTL. People are saying he might command a big deal, but the teams who could give him one all have SS and its a little obvious he's having an outlier year, teams cant afford to be dumb and give out Gary Mathews Jr contracts anymore, so its doubtful he will get anything bigger than 2/10.

Bonus *Nick Johnson 1B/DH. We've had the infatuation with him for years, with Giambi presumably gone NJ would give us great depth and a potential .400 OBP/850+ OPS guy if his health holds up. We got burned with Nomar this year, but that was really risky going in. If we can get him for 1/4 do it, but honestly we are stacked at 1B options so he's not completely necessary. 


1B: Barton

2B: Ellis

SS: Scutaro (can also play 2B, 3B, LF, RF)

3B: DeRosa (can also play 1B, 2B, SS, LF, RF)

C: Suzuki

LF: Hairston (can play CF)

CF: Figgins (can also play 2B, SS, 3B, LF, CF, RF)

RF: Sweeney (can play CF)

DH: Cust

Bench: Kennedy, Powell, Davis, ?

SP: Braden-Anderson-Cahill-Mazzaro-Gio

Bullpen: Devine-Ziegler-Bailey-Wuertz-Breslow-Demel-?(Andrew Brown?)


Of course instead of Scutaro, if we can somehow get MILW to take Buck, Patterson & Cunningham for JJ Hardy that would be a deal Id make. We have lots of options coming up in the OF, Buck & Cunningham are looking really expendable.  

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