GOG 2009 #33

So that went exactly like we planned it right? Get clobbered by the Yankees so that now we can head in to Boston and sweep away the Red Sox playoff dreams?

Things haven't been going very well for the Boston team lately. They have fallen out of first place, and their offense is slipping down the runs scored rankings. Unfortunately for the A's, this series will feature both Josh Beckett and Jon Lester on the mound, who form as good a 1-2 combination as any team could hope for. Can the A's muster enough firepower to shut up the Fenway crowd? Or did they really just travel to Boston to search for someone to trade away Cabrera to?


GOG #33 :: AL East Spoilers (33 points possible)

Four game series @ Boston Red Sox -- July 27-30

UPDATE -- answers added below in bold

  1. Series outcome [3 points] 2-2 split
  2. Over his last 10 starts, Jon Lester has an ERA of 1.83, is striking out 11 batters per 9 innings, while allowing just 2.6 BB per 9. Predict his ER/BB/K against Oakland [2 points each] 4 ER, 3 BB, 2 K
  3. Eric Patterson has nothing left to prove in AAA, but that might not be enough to make Geren's lineup card. How many games does Patterson start? [3 points] Patterson starts 3 games
  4. In honor of Rickey, how many bases do the A's steal in the series? [3 points] Oakland steals 7(!) bases
  5. Dustin Pedroia may not be hitting for power the way he did in his MVP season last year, but he has slightly upped his walk rate and pretty much never strikes out, giving him a pretty ridiculous BB/K of 1.63. How many times will he strike out against Oakland pitchers? [3 points] Pedroia strikes out twice (once by Andersn, once by Gio)
  6. This season, Gio has been a man of extremes. In his start, does he allow between 3 and 5 earned runs? Or is his start one of the extremes, sparkling like in New York or atrocious like against Minnesota? [+1 if right, -1 if wrong] he allowed 3 ER, so that's not an extreme
  7. In this post from Beyond the Box Score, Okajima is found to be one of the most deceptive pitchers in baseball, as measured by the percentage of pitches taken by hitters that turn out to be called strikes (scroll down to the comments, where they correct the statistic for the pitcher's control and Hideki jumps into 4th place). How many called strikes do the A's suffer against him? (An aside: Ziggy comes out as one of the least deceptive pitchers in baseball, which I thought was odd at first. But that's because this statistic is about called strikes and Ziegler's about bad groundball contact.) [3 points] Okajima only had one appearance, where he faced 5 batters and recorded only 2 outs, but he got 6 called strikes
  8. Does Cahill give up a home run in his start? [+1 if right, -1 if wrong] yes, to Pedroia, and everyone got this question right
  9. How many runs are scored in the series by the bottom third of the Oakland lineup, that refuge for sub-.300 OBPs? [3 points] 9 runs!
  10. Will Cabrera still be an Athletic by the end of the series? [+1 if right, -1 if wrong] yes, but for how much longer?
  11. Bonus question: Predict Wallace's batting line, AB/H/RBI, for the first three games of the Rivercats series against Salt Lake (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) [2 points each] 9 AB, 3 H, 2 RBI

Get your entries posted before the first pitch, at 4:10 pm. If you don't GOG, I hate you and find you stupid.


Turnout was kind of slim for this GOG... you must all really hate the Red Sox, eh?

Overall scoring statistics

  • mean = 7.37500 points
  • standard deviation = 3.64920 points
  • mode = 4 or 10 points


Your Scores

Congratulations to muffinpryde on the win! Also, I just became the newest member of the 200 points club, but nevermoor, zaniac75, and mikeA are really just on another planet (a planet that is good at guessing meaningless baseball stats).

nameplace (this GOG)score (this GOG)# of GOGsplace (all GOG)score (all GOG)place (by AVG)score by AVG
muffinpryde113291016625 0.172
micdog200121227618413 0.204
mikeA3103132326 0.227
JLeverenz10211714411 0.209
Rated-R Superstar1027718312 0.209
harenshair1012251071 0.262
zaniac75793122375 0.231
roscoe88291316128 0.168
doctorK97331116431 0.150
A'sfaninNC72751949 0.218
adragon7232011730 0.156
oblique124261415324 0.177
colin432420220 0.191
nevermoor43112514 0.245
robbo650446217N/E 0.132
train8016-1291116426 0.172
Mantecan As FanDNP--1951N/E 0.024
swatnickDNP--2181802 0.259
SoCal As FanDNP--14299317 0.200
NateHSTDNP--15231127 0.225
DCinWCDNP--16318429 0.158
GoAsDNP--27917719 0.194
ZeroIndulgenceDNP--192211523 0.183
gigglingoneDNP--16201178 0.225
KimberlyDNP--201912521 0.190
vegAN ryANDNP--45127N/E 0.185
diehardoaklandfan22DNP--162610614 0.202
Walton711DNP--1789N/E 0.214
travdog6DNP--2951N/E 0.013
BooneeDNP--35619N/E 0.174
RayJEddDNP--12271043 0.252
A'sBowlingLeagueDNP--25619N/E 0.244
elephantbaseballDNP--191812616 0.200
brian.onlyDNP--46914N/E 0.096
robertmelvinDNP--64241N/E 0.188
OaktownPowerDNP--162411015 0.201
FlashfireDNP--1876N/E 0.143
designatedforassignmentDNP--36716N/E 0.145
tresselfanDNP--4847N/E 0.046
KMoAsFanDNP--45520N/E 0.137
streetfanDNP--311515033 0.146
Gallagher's WatermelonsDNP--17410N/E 0.238
GreenOctober69DNP--1818N/E 0.190
SLOtownDNP--103660N/E 0.174
Angry SeanDNP--301614832 0.148
baseballnut020DNP--94051N/E 0.173
MaineAthleticDNP--12327322 0.187
j_rich36DNP--1847N/E 0.167
scutaroknowsthewayDNP--1913N/E 0.071
FormerHuntsvilleStarDNP--93371N/E 0.247
jay_senseiDNP--64144N/E 0.227
easyraiderDNP--13289410 0.209
Athletix ManDNP--93759N/E 0.199
Athletics fan and runnerDNP--65127N/E 0.133
Holy Toledo!DNP--1913N/E 0.083
NicoDNP--17410N/E 0.278
JLaffDNP--1904N/E 0.111
WaddellCansecoDNP--55028N/E 0.164
crb29DNP--11347018 0.196
eastcoasta'sfanDNP--45423N/E 0.161
OaktownflavDNP--36217N/E 0.156
Future EdDNP--64241N/E 0.197
JediLeroyDNP--1818N/E 0.222
DalesmanDNP--2876N/E 0.083
nateh37DNP--74439N/E 0.174
anomaly_katDNP--35918N/E 0.173
sprtsnwynDNP--26217N/E 0.250
VORP is too nerdyDNP--44632N/E 0.234
asyouwish33DNP--1818N/E 0.250
jeffroDNP--45918N/E 0.150
CutthemulletDNP--35324N/E 0.238
stabbin_mcadamsDNP--17410N/E 0.312
jasontheaDNP--44830N/E 0.219
fruitattackDNP--11473135 0.086
Helloooo 1stDNP--64534N/E 0.165
King RichardDNP--27113N/E 0.203
jplDNP--83955N/E 0.222
baseballgirlDNP--17410N/E 0.286
whiteshoes40DNP--18356834 0.116
walkoff baltimore chopDNP--1847N/E 0.200
spiffyjwcDNP--27113N/E 0.194
samljmDNP--1789N/E 0.265
pam5981DNP--73759N/E 0.276
Gaijin_SukettoDNP--16914N/E 0.424
toskDNP--54929N/E 0.179
mikevDNP--16217N/E 0.515
stranahanahanDNP--36815N/E 0.152
Leopold BloomDNP--1951N/E 0.029
ElQuesoCapitanDNP--35918N/E 0.194
TrainmanDNP--2913N/E 0.049
OptimistPrimeDNP--1895N/E 0.179
dtownmbrownDNP--36217N/E 0.167
BlicksDNP--15308627 0.171
chillicothe20DNP--1789N/E 0.265
ChadGodDNP--17113N/E 0.382
SamYamDNP--35619N/E 0.186
JLopezDNP--2913N/E 0.046
Steve in NapaDNP--1951N/E 0.032
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