Does Oakland have a prospect jam?

Looking at the A's Minor leagues, it looks like there are many players that are being held up from Advancing. This could be  because of the quality in front of them. Another prospect may deserve to be at that particular level in the minors for there age and advancment to date, so the team needs to keep them there for better evaluation.  Another reason is that the big league club has no openings.  The A's as an organization seems to be heavy on name/upside pitchers but they don't have alot of those pitchers in the minors that cry for a promotion (other than A Kane County which leads the A's affiliates with a 3.50 team ERA (Seattle leads the AL with a 3.65). The A's have alot of position players that do with the AA Rock Hounds and there team .805 OPS, (A's are last in AL at .698) leading the way.  

The A's have three pitchers doing well or well enough in the bigs this year, that played mostly AA last year. Between AA and AAA there could and probably are three more that can pitch in the majors well or well enough right now.  We need to find out If Buck , Patterson and Everidge can hit the majors . They move and some movement can happen behind them.

The team needs to blow it up.  The chances are good Holliday will be traded (please let it be a SS). Giambi should go on the 60 day DL.  Cassila should be shut down for the year. Cabrera and/or Kennedy should be traded. Springer and Crosby should be DFAed. Along with Buck, Patterson and Everidge we can call up three relievers. Barton needs to finish out the year at 3rd in AAA. His bat may play there.

AAA Movers-                                                       

Pitchers                                                                               Hot  Hitters-            ops

Grey-        1.82 ERA     .92 Whip                                          Buck  OF              .881

Kilby         2.70              .88                                                    Patterson 3rd       .915

Marshall- 1.99              1.08                                                 Everidge 1st         1.015 (short sample but HOT)


AA Movers                                                                         Our OPS Leaders are  3 of top 6 in Texas League

Demel      .61                                                                Carter   1st                  .913

Godfry     3.55      (20 starts)                                             Cardenas  2nd          .902

                                                                                                 Brown CF                    .907

A+                                                                                        All would be top 10 OPS in Cal league with more AB's

                                                                                                 Desme  rf                     .983

                                                                                                 Weeks   2b                   .904

                                                                                                  Kleen    1b                    .953

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