Creative Trades

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Billy Beane is known for his creative deals.  Beane wishes to buy low and sell high.  Beane looks for attributes in players, that others don't see and he trades players that many fans don't want to see go.  Using Beanes own logic I have concocted my own ideas for trades.

First I looked at our own roster, and looked at players that we should trade because they won't be in Oakland next year.  Giambi, Holliday, Garciaparra,  Wuertz, and Springer come to mind.  Of those five only Holliday and Wuertz have any real value.

The next thing I did was look at players that are having a good deal of success that can be replaced fairly easily.  The two areas where the A's are absolutely stacked are in starting pitching and relief pitching.  As much as I like Dallas Braden, I believe trading him now might net us a hitting prospect that may help us down the road.

There are other players that are under performing but still have some trade value due to age and past success, Santiago Casilla and Dana Eveland fit that bill.  These players can be used to tip the scale in the A's favor in getting a trade accomplished.

The next thing I did was I looked at what the A's need.  The A's need hitting, even though we have some great prospects in the minors, even the minors are filled with more legitimate pitching prospects (especially relief pitching) than hitting prospects.

The last thing I did was look at the standings, I looked at the teams that needed offense(Holiday), relief pitching(Wuertz) and starting pitching(Braden.)  Potential trade partners could be Tampa Bay, San Francisco, The Chicago White Sox, The Tampa Bay Devil Rays, The Minnesota Twins, and the Chicago Cubs and even the division rivals of Seattle, and Texas.

1.  Tampa Bay:  The Devil Rays are in a crowded division, and they need as much power as they can get.  Matt Holliday would be a rental player for Tampa Bay so they probably would be less willing to give up a whole lot for Holliday.  However if the A's can get Reid Brignac they should try.

Holliday for Reid Brignac

2.  San Francisco:  The Giants are desperate for some more offensive capabilities, if Holliday performs well in San Francisco the Giants potentially could sign him to a deal.  The only issue is that the Giants would be unwilling or unable to give up their two most prized offensive prospects in Posey, and Villalona.  Nick Noonan would be the only young middle infielder the A's would want, and I would strive for more than just Nick Noonan, if the Giants threw in Bowker it would be a good deal.

Holliday and relief pitching prospect for Nick Noonan, and John Bowker

3.  The Minnesota Twins:  The Twins are in the hunt for the division, and they possess some interesting players.  The Twins probably would not be interested in Holliday but Dallas Braden as well as Michael Wuertz would be very helpful to their team.  Danny Velencia is a older 3B prospect who could play for the A's immediately, he could add some much needed depth to the A's third base situation, Angel Morales could also be involved.  Angel has stuggled as of late but he posseses a good upside still.  I believe that the Twins would be getting a cheap, reliable and effective pitcher in Braden, but you have to give to get.

Dallas Braden and Michael Wuertz for Danny Velencia, and Angel Morales

4.  Chicago White Sox:  The White Sox could really use Dallas Braden if they want to make a run for their division, they could also use Holliday as well.  Brandon Allen and Chris Getz are two impressive prospects for the White Sox. Getz is already in the Majors performing well.  Allen is a power hitting 1st baseman who draws lots of walks, and has played the outfield before.  The A's would be giving up a whole lot to trade Holliday and Braden but I actually think in the long run the trade would be worth it.

Dallas Braden and Matt Holliday for Brandon Allen, and Chris Getz

5.  The Chicago Cubs:  The other Chicago team could use Holliday and Wuertz(They had Wuertz before, and know what they are getting).  Holliday might be more valuable to the Cubs as well because the Cubs might be able to resign him.  There is one player the A's would want from the Cubs and that is Josh Vitters.  Vitters in a five star 3B prospect a few years from the Majors.

Matt Holliday, and Michael Wuertz for Josh Vitters

6.  The Texas Rangers:  The Rangers really want to make the playoffs.  The division has been dominated by the Angels and A's, even the Mariners had a division title in 2001.  Some more major league ready starting pitching, and relief pitching would to the Rangers a world of good.  Acquiring Chris Davis right now would be buying low, and trading Dallas Braden would be selling high, the guy can hit for power, and can play third base.  Although Davis's average is currently low he has a much higher average in the Minors.  The most unsettling thing about Davis is his low OBP.  Another bad thing about this trade is that the A's would have to face Braden a lot.

Dallas Braden for Chris Davis and PTBNL

7.  The Seattle Mariners:  Like the Rangers the Mariners are suffering a long playoff drought and are desperate to make it back.  The Mariners would love Holliday, and might possibly resign him, Wuertz would also help them.  The Mariners have a couple of prospects they may be willing to give up for Holliday, and Wuertz mainly Michael Saunders, and Carlos Triunfel.  Saunders is the kind of player the A's like good OBP, + defense, and hits hard line drives.  Triunfel is a young player with attitude problems, who is undergoing surgery, who has a hell of a lot of talent.

Matt Holliday and Michael Wuertz for Michael Saunders, and Carlos Triunfel

These are the trades that I thought of while scouring the Major leagues for talent.  I found a lot of players that I think the A's should be persuing in their rebuilding process.  In the I would pull the trigger on anyone of these trades, I don't think any of them would be unreasonable.  Almost all of these trade focus on getting the A's a strong offense in the future. 

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