Breaking News: The Braves Aren't Idiots

In breaking news, the Braves deny looking deal Escobar for Holliday and OCab.  From Dan O'Brien at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The Escobar rumor: While the Braves have made it known they are taking calls from teams interested in potential Yunel Escobar trades, I’m told that three’s nothing to the report out of Oakland of discussions between the teams about an Escobar-and-prospects trade for Oakland’s Matt Holliday and Orlando Cabrera.
  Not saying they haven’t talked to Oakland at some point about Holliday.
  Just saying the Braves haven’t talked to them about trading Escobar and prospects for Holliday and Cabrera, two pending free agents. That’d be a bad deal for the Braves, trading Escobar and prospects for two players they’d probably only keep for 2-1/2 months. (Holliday is a Scott Boras client, just FYI).
  Has anyone noticed that Escobar, who’s not eligible for arbitration until after the 2010 season, is hitting .293 with seven homers, 44 RBI and a .790 OPS, compared to Holliday’s we’re-not-at-Coors-anymore .276-8-43 and .792 OPS?
  GM Frank Wren has said several times that the Braves are reluctant to trade top prospects these days, like most teams are in this new era. Wren has also told me that he didn’t envision the Braves taking on a lot of new payroll via trade.
  And the A’s aren’t going to pay most of Holliday’s contract to dump him. Not when they’ve got teams like the Cardinals interested in him, teams that won’t demand the A’s pick up most of what he’s owed from his $13.5 million salary.

This trade rumor never made any sense once Furcal got signed.  Their closest internal replacement for SS next year is hitting for a .620 OPS in AA and his strike outs makes Cust look like a contact hitter. Why would the Braves trade a 4 WAR SS this year for a replacement level short stop and a good corner OFer. Their team would probably just tread water this year as the increase in production from Anderson/Diaz/Church to Holliday would probably be completely offset by the loss of production downgrading from Escobar to Cabrera.  Furthermore it would be much much much worse next year when the SS market is basically a steaming pile of suck and the Braves would have to find a starting SS when they had the position covered for the next four years currently.

All of you who are suggesting that the A's demand a prospect in a OCab + Holliday for Escobar deal really don't get how valuable a player he is.  If you're Billy Beane and you get offered that deal you take it immediately, do a happy dance, and then personally buy all 14,147 people that showed up to the Coliseum that day a 8 dollar beer; it would have been that big of a steal.

The one thing that it does mention is that the Cardinals are interested in Escobar but are currently uninterested in moving Ludwick right now.  They were interested in moving Ludwick for Holliday earlier.  That does seem to imply that a three way deal where Holliday goes to St. Louis, Ludwick goes to ATL with Orlando Cabrera and a Cardinals relief pitcher (probably Motte), and the A's would receiving Escobar could work.

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