A Fan's Reactionary Rant

-Warning incoming highly reactionary rant from a fan of a loosing team.

Note:  Rants like this can be found on any loosing team's forum.  With that being said let the repitition continue unabated!  Hopefully more rational minds will prevail, for I am probably completely wrong.

At this point in the season we need to get rid of anyone on the A's who is not going to be in Oakland next year.  We need to give guys like Cunningham, Buck, Petit, Denforfia, Pennington, Cardenas, Wimberly, Daric Barton(errrg), Chris Carter, Danny Putnam, Doolittle, Eric Patterson, Kevin Cameron(if he is not injured or something), Schroder, Blevins, and Demel.  We need to give everyone a chance to see what they have, not because they are better than the veterans on our team now, but because we are horrible, and have nothing to loose and everything to gain by fielding a AAA level team.

I know many will say that these guys need more time in the minors to "develop."  Well here is what I say about that...  When learning a foreign language is it better to take five years learning a language in school, or to immerse yourself in a the culture and learn it that way.  Is it better to wade into a pool or to jump into the deep end?  Are the Managers, hitting coaches and pitching coaches in the minors better than the ones in the majors(Never mind on that rhetorical question we have Geren, so probably yes they are.)

It is my opinion that a few of the above mentioned prospects will do suprisingly well, and prove that they in no way need anymore seasoning in the minors, and can learn better playing in the Big Leagues.

More A's players should grow crazy facial hair as well!

Also the A's should bring back Scutaro!

1.  We see what our farm guys can do.

2.  In my opinion the most entertaining thing about this season is to see the young talent, why not make this season more entertaining!  Honestly who is coming to the A's games to see Giambi at this point?

3.  As much as I hate to bring it up, loosing more will get us a higher draft pick next year.  I do not advocate loosing on purpose by playing badly, or lacking effort, everyone on the team should be driven to win every game.  Inevitably however since we would be fielding a ridiculously non-experienced team we would loose more than the average team.

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