California Dreamin' - Games 3 & 4

See: California Dreamin' Games 1 & 2 for the first installment of the series

I have a second post that will debut tomorrow on the front page, featuring highlights from the group of ANers at Dodger Stadium. I wanted to make sure the whole group was covered, so I'm doing that in a separate post, but let's keep the road trip moving!

We left off after two boring defeats at the hands of the San Francisco Giants in the Bay Area, and moved down to Los Angeles, hoping that playing the best team in MLB would help the A's. Shockingly, I don't think you could have arranged two better games if you tried; both games were set up where every fan in the park was hanging on every pitch, and the games came down to the absolute last pitch, both nights.

In care you missed it, here was our mood after games one and two:



We begin game three at beautiful Dodger Stadium, in the middle of the best weather LA has seen all month. Sweatshirts were optional; I didn't even bring one into the park last night.


Notice that we are still smiling.

It must be noted that although we had a solid group of ANers make the trek to the stadium, the Dodgers didn't seem overly prepared for the A's visit; it is a bad thing to not be able to tell the two Jacks on the team apart, and this was classic:


What I will say for the Dodgers is that their staff is FANTASTIC. From the security guards, to the ushers, to the ticket takers, to the parking attendants, to the group sales office; I have never felt so welcomed and taken care of at any venue, anywhere. We met numerous new friends there; who did absolutely everything in their power to make sure we were happy and enjoying our experience.

The running joke was the sign (we'll find a picture tonight) that said, "If anyone is hindering your Dodgers' experience, please text this number, and we will take care of it."

Of course, we started texting, "Jack Cust", "Orlando Cabrera", "Adam Kennedy", "Matt Kemp", "Jonathan Broxton"...

If you lived through games three and four of our road trip with us, obviously you know a single mood pic isn't going to do it, so we have a montage.

Our mood for most of the early game; this isn't boredom; the game was fantastic, and Braden was on fire, but we wondered when the offense was going to show up, if at all:


Our mood after Giambi barely cleared the wall with the three-run shot that took the A's from the pools of the 2-0 despair to the lead! (And then Crosby followed with a bomb of his own!)


But sadly, our elation didn't last, as the Dodgers came right back. First we were nervous:


Then we sought higher intervention:


AN's filter wouldn't let us post the end of game picture, for some odd reason.

Quite depressed, and reeling from the 0-3 start to our road trip, we headed back to my house and put in Major League. We felt better when it ended. But we REALLY felt better at who we found at game four (and what are the odds of that?):


He was obviously good luck for our last-place A's, so we started game four out on a hopeful note:



The first run of the night was a tease; it was too early to show much emotion, but after Cahill walked the bases loaded and went 3-0 on the next batter, we were all ready for some strong moods.

But a funny thing happened. Cahill got out of the inning, and settled down.

Then Rajai Davis hit a homerun:


And Cahill roped a single:


And Giambi made a sliding play:


Funnily enough, these same three pictures would end up being the caption during the late innings of  the game too, as the A's dropped ball after ball, catch after catch.

But there was never a doubt (haha), and the A's took home the victory, bringing our record to 1-3.


We do it all over again tonight. Game 5 at Dodger Stadium, then game 6 at Petco. Stay tuned!


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