The decision to tear down the 2006 team?

O.K. right now it appears to me that the decision to tear down the 2006 A's has put the team in the basement. 

First, the case of the manager. Macha is back in baseball and is winning. Another coach off that team Washington is in first place. Why exactly did the GM dump Macha and bring in Geren. This was obviously the first mistake.

Second, the decision to get rid of Milton Bradley. BTW the A's had a winning record when they DFA Bradley in 2007. Why? How did that work out for the team- bad. If my memory is correct, the OF was crowded with the rise of Cust and Buck. Bradley was seeing his playing time reduced and snapped. Obviously, the decision to go with Buck over Bradley has not led to more victories on the field. However, if Bradley was such a major disaster in the clubhouse, why not wait to make a legit trade as opposed to just dropping him out of the blue for nothing.

Third, dumping Swisher and Haren. They were relatively low-paid young guys. Neither had been health risks. Why trade them? The players brought in especially in the case of Swisher have not made up for the value of a top 5 ace starter and a decent everyday outfielder. I would much rather have Swisher than R. Sweeney. The pitchers received from Chi. have been busts as well. As to the crop brought in for Haren there are some good players but Haren is an ace and his value to a team was an enormous cost. There is no reason to believe that he would be putting up great numbers for the A's in 2008, 2009.

Trading Harden, Scutaro and Gaudin overall low-cost players for little in return.

The promotion of Suzuki and the dropping of Kendall from 2006 has been a good move but it would most likely have occurred in time anyway, as Suzuki was a rising star in the system.

Also, not signing Zito was a good move but I don't think the A's had much of a choice with the cash the Giants shelled out.

Obviously, guys like J. Payton, Thomas and Loiaza whom are mostly out of the game right now would have been gone anyway and could have been replaced. 

Adding a veteran DH to the mix each season with the core group of guys from the 2006 season would have made the A's a more successful team.

I still don't quite understand why the GM felt the need to blow up a successful, generally young team. I didn't agree with it in 2007/08 and I still don't.

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