Chez Nico! or....No Dog Is Safe!

Yesterday, in the sleepy burgh of Berkeley California, members of a secret society known simply as "AN" gathered at the compound of one of it's esteemed leaders, who answers to the moniker, "Nico". The purpose of the gathering was to sacrifice many small animals and feast on their flesh in an attempt to appease the baseball gods who afflict the object of their adoration, which, for this day, was represented by a poorly drawn oak leaf/elephant. And on this hallowed day, the adherents gathered, sacrifices were made and the gods were in fact appeased, as the Oakland Oaks defied logic and were in fact victorious despite the valiant efforts of Trevor Cahill.

The following adherents are personally responsible for yesterday's victory..









Guacamole was consumed, beer flowed in the streets, Puccini begged and cajoled, and farm animals within a 20 mile radius quaked.

On a personal note, having been an AN member for the better part of 4 years now it was a real pleasure and honor to put faces to the personalities! Nico is as pleasant and funny as he is online, and he graciously opened his home to us. Nico's home is beautiful and quite cozy. We all had the privilege of meeting Mother Nico who was a lovely woman and the famous Poochini was right there to offer a friendly lick to the chops.

After everyone settled in, we noshed on grilled goodies and chatted. What a great and opinionated group! Once the game started, we shared laughs and advice and funny quips. The game, as we all know, was not the prettiest thing in the world, but the outcome was a nice cherry on top of a very enjoyable evening! I highly recommend that you attend the next high meeting of the order of the Chez Nico! Cheznico025_medium

skigurl and an elusive wes7 imbibing on ceremonial refreshments



I want to personally apologize the gigglingone, who in fact does giggle. I am sorry this photo was not better gigglingone, but you are cool!



Dead animals!


Pam was sporting the new BeerPhone from Apple



Did Crosby just swing at an outside breaking pitch?



Poochini, just moments before being placed on the grill. 



CommandCentral, where it all happens!





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