DLD 5.27.09 - Wakey, Wakey, Sweep at Stakey

Okay, stop what you're doing cause I'm about to ruin the image and the style that you're used to.  I look funny.  But, yo, I'm making money, see?  So, yo, world, I hope you're ready for me.

First and foremost, this first link has nothing to do with baseball or the A's, but I have literally no one in my life with which to share this exciting news.  You guys for the most part won't dig it, either, but screw it.  You're a captive audience.  My favorite living author* just won the International Lifetime Achievement Booker Award.  Granted, the International Booker is only four years old, but it's still very prestigious and it means a lot to get this kind of recognition from her peers.  Congratulations to Alice Munro!  And if you haven't read her, and you like reading, go get something by her.  It's all short stories, so your interest doesn't have to be held too long, my ADD brethren.  (*note added: I've just realized Kundera's still alive and kicking, so let me say "one of my favorite living authors" instead.)

Speaking of higher literature, here's what I've recently ordered.  Full review to follow, but it is my sigline now...

Also, the A's, our A's, have won three straight!  And 67M went to the fricking game last night too!  So...things may be changing.  Perhaps the system's about to kick in.  Two or three days ago, Nico reminded me that had to go 2-8 to match our 2005 start.  Now 2005 ended poorly (and probably brought about the early end of Chavy's playing career), but it was a fun season.  Ultimately disappointing, but we were in contention right down to the end.  Comparison between 2005 and 2009.  The beginning of September, 2005...

More hope, Via SuSlu:

Rookie Andrew Bailey, the closer-apparent, pitched a perfect ninth inning and earned his second save. He struck out two and he leads the majors in strikeouts by a reliever with 37.

Kennedy appeared to come back down to Earth against a LHP in our W last night.  I think we've found an opening for the Unicorn upon his return...

SuSlu waxes on about Nomah.  This car was broken when we bought it, right?  And the fact that it keeps breaking down really shouldn't surprise us, right?

JoPo gives us frantic newscasters in BronBron's Big Shot a couple nights ago.

Rob Neyer brought up an interesting point the other day regarding baseball viewing.  Perhaps what might help those poor, poor fellows over at Fox is lifting the exclusivity rights they have for Saturday day baseball.  They've essentially eliminated Saturday day baseball in all but the biggest markets.  Here's a list of the Saturday baseball schedule for Fox.  Out of the possible 134 teams scheduled to be seen on Saturday afternoon, the A's are listed twice, both times as the third option.  Call me crazy, but if we're only represented 1/67th, I'm thinking we might not be alone.  I'm not willing to spend the time doing a pie chart of those listings, but if someone is, that would surely be an indictment as to why perhaps the majority of the country is shutting Fox off on Saturdays.

And, for those of you not in the know on our new LOOGY (like me), here.  (FYI, from ANcilary Terms, "LOOGY = Left-handed One Out Guy")


And here's a cool picture of Dallas Braden, from last year, when he was still sporting the 'fro.  Believe it or not, he's walking on air.



And I want that sweatshirt.  On Tuesday evening, he was lights out, or, as Lynnzgal puts it, 100% Boom Dazzle.  (she was actually referring to Bailey, which makes much more sense...but I've already laid this whole thing out and can't be bothered to rearrange it...)

We may be coming up, y'all.  Mayhaps the obit was written prematurely.  Stay tuned.  Day game today.  Keep your brooms close.

Dump, monkeys!

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