I Think that 'That' Time has come...

Everybody knows that there were 3 options when the A's traded for Matt Holiday

1. Trade him right when we got him and try and get more than we gave up

2. Trade him before the July 31 deadline if the team falls out of contention

3. Keep him the whole year and make a push for the playoffs and take the compensation picks.

Well I for one and now convinced that #2 is the path that we must take.

In my opinion, the A's need to make over the team from top to bottom.

I have made a litte list:

Problem Spots:


SP (Immediate, but there is depth in the system as you know)

3B (immediate and long term)

SS (not as of right now a big problem, but a big future problem)

OF (long term, if only 1 of Buck/Sweeney pan out to be a Plus OFer)

Bright Spots:

SP (future)

Bulpen (Present and future)


DH (Cust now, Carter soon if he doesnt play 1B)

Seeing as how if we lost tonight, we will be 10 games under .500, I think it is time for some changes to happen. Here is something I would suggest.


Steps to Make the A's competitive again:

1. Fire Geren, replace him with Tye Waller as the Interim Manager

2. Trade Matt Holiday, Daric Barton, and Dana Eveland to Kansas City for Mike Moustakas and

Jose Duarte.

This works for the A's because: They receive the top tier 3B that they need, along with a 24 year-old OFer with plus defense.

This works for the Royals because: they get a better bat to plug into their lineup in LF in Holiday, who  could be inserted into their lineup. The Royals are currently 11th in the AL in runs scored, and Holiday is currently 23rd in the AL in RBI, which would be tops in the KC lineup, which also gets on base at a clip .020 higher than the A's.They also already have a yound stud at 3B in Alex Gordon. The Royals are in the thick of things in the AL Central, and any chance they get to improve without demolishing their future im sure they would take.

They also receive a LHP starter, which could come in handy considering they only have one game started this season by a lefty.

3. Call up Mazzaro to replace Eveland in the Rotation.

SP will look like this once Duke is back:

Duke, Braden, Anderson, Cahill, Mazzaro

4. Use some of the Holiday money to sign Miguel Angel Sano for $4.5 - $5.0 Mil

Dont try and rush him to the Bigs too fast, but I would try and have him at AA by the end of the 2010 season, and start him in AAA in 2011, when he will be 18 or 19, hope to have him in the bigs by mid 2011. (All depends on his progression and production of course)

5. Trade Orlando Cabrera and Dallas Braden to Minnesota for Ben Revere

This works out for the A's because they get a high potential corner OFer who is projected as a high average hitter (currently hitting .350 at A+)

This works out for the Twins because they get a top of the lineup short stop to replace the ineffectient Nick Punto, and someone to get on base ahead of Mauer and Morneau. They also get a boost to thier rotation which is essential for a team in the thick of a division race.

6. Trade Justin Duchscherer, Josh Outman, and Brad Zeigler to the Pirates for Andrew McCucthen.

This works out for the A's because they get their true CF of the future.

This works out for the pirates because they get an All-Star calibur SP as well as a record setting RP who are young enough to help them right away and into their future. They give up only one of their many highly touted OF prospects.


7. Bring back Ron Washington as manager after his contract with the Rangers expires (assuming they dont resign him)

This works because he is familiar with the organization, he plays with passion (what Geren lacks), and he preaches defense which has been a strong indicator of success this season (The Rangers, Tigers, Blue Jays, Phillies, and Dodgers (5/6 division leaders) are in the top 10 in fielding in the MLB)

8. Figure out the damn Stadium situation so the future of the organization is secure.


Lose: Geren, Holiday, Barton, Eveland, Cabrera, Outman, Springer, Zeigler, Braden, AL West.

Gain: Moustakas, Duarte, Sano, Revere, McCutchen, Washington, peace of mind.



Assuming we have done all of this, this is what the original list would look like:

Problem Spots:

Manager  FIXED (Washington)

SP (Lose 2 current starters, maintain future security)

3B FIXED (Moustakas from Royals)

SS FIXED (Signed Sano)

OF FIXED (McCutchen, Revere)

Best Case Scenario 2011 (Whereever) A's:

Led by Ron Washington:

C: Kurt Suzuki (28)

1B: Chris Carter (25) or Daric Barton (26)

2B: Adrian Cardenas (24)

3B: Mike Moustakas(23)

SS: Sano (18) - May be too early

LF: Ryan Sweeney (26) or Travis Buck (28)

RF: Ben Revere (23)

CF: Andrew McCutchen (24)

SP: Cahill (23), Anderson (23), Mazzaro (25), Gonzalez (26), Ynoa (19)

Setup: Bailey (26)

Closer: Devine (27)



I know this wont all happen, but what do you think is most likely to happen? Least likely? Best Idea? More reasonable idea?

Lets hear it




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