GOG 2009 #13

The A's head to Detroit for a three game series, looking to continue their dominance over the AL Central. I mean, we're 2-0 against the Central so far… that trend is sure to continue, right?

There are several question marks for the A's in this series. Dallas Braden and Brett Anderson are both scheduled to start games, despite minor ailments. Ziegler is still out, but avoiding the DL for now. Casilla is back to reinforce the bullpen, after one inning of good work in Sacramento. And finally there is even the possibility of a Nomar sighting, since he is eligible to come back from the DL today. So it sounds like business as usual for Oakland. Let's hope that the bats will stay hot this weekend and make us forget all about aches and pains!


GOG #13 :: Tame the Tigers! (34 points possible)

Three game series @ Detroit Tigers -- May 15-17

Update -- answers added below in bold

  1. Series outcome [3 points] 3-0 DET... ugggh
  2. Blisters and bone bruise :: How many innings does Anderson pitch? How about Braden? [3 points each] Anderson lasts 3.1 innings, Braden lasts 5.0
  3. Outfield match-ups :: Which team gets more hits from their outfielders in the series? Which team gets more RBIs from their outfielders? [+1 for each right answer, -1 for each wrong] A's and Tigers outfielders tied with 10 hits each, but Detroit outfielders got way more RBI -- 13 to 3 (lead by Raburn's 8 RBIs)
  4. Rick Porcello, drafted by the Tigers in 2007, is even younger than Cahill (who is matched up against him). Predict Porcello's IP/BB/K [2 points each] 6 IP, 2 BB, 5 K
  5. Miguel Cabrera, mashing as usual :: Predict his AB/H/Total Bases [2 points each] 13 AB, 6 H, 9 TB
  6. Casilla's back! How many Tigers does he strike out in the series? [3 points] Casilla recorded two Ks
  7. The Tigers lead all of baseball in GIDP, with 39 (for comparison, the A's have only grounded into a double play 20 times). How many GIDP for the Tigers in this series? [3 points] Tigers ground into 2 double plays
  8. Polanco = A's killer :: How many times does Placido get on base in the series? [3 points] Polanco gets on base 3 times
  9. The AL Central race :: Which team has a better record at the end of the day Sunday, Tigers or Royals [+1 if right, -1 if wrong] Detroit is up by one game
  10. Do the A's get shut out in any game of this series? [+1 if right, -1 if wrong] no

Sorry about getting this GOG up a bit on the late side. Your guesses should be posted by 4:05 pm, which is less than 6 and a half hours from now! Don't wait, guess now!


Well, the scores came right back down to earth after the last series. Just like the A's offense, defense, pitching, and ability to look at themselves in the mirror.

Overall scoring statistics

  • mean = 4.79412 points
  • standard deviation = 3.75604 points
  • mode = 10 points


Your Scores

Congratulations to train80 on the win. Also, good work as usual from zaniac75, who continues to own the GOG.

nameplace (this GOG)score (this GOG)# of GOGsplace (all GOG)score (all GOG)place (by AVG)score by AVG
train8011112118513 0.214
zaniac752101311182 0.274
swatnick10114933 0.253
NateHST101379116 0.211
JLeverenz101369215 0.213
RayJEdd10718691 0.279
A'sfaninNC10123955 0.244
Kimberly899285728 0.193
diehardoaklandfan22981398920 0.206
roscoe813157932 0.183
pam5981844426N/E 0.230
FormerHuntsvilleStar126823626 0.244
fruitattack68412842 0.110
jpl68295511 0.222
Helloooo 1st1555472241 0.128
mikeA1641349312 0.216
micdog200141111859 0.234
muffinpryde410196823 0.202
stranahanahan41804N/E 0.118
DCinWC20312305440 0.136
colin31379116 0.211
nevermoor31321074 0.248
adragon38374037 0.159
GoAs24212108619 0.208
crb29210236229 0.191
Rated-R Superstar28334730 0.190
doctorK27113196838 0.158
streetfan113118525 0.197
Angry Sean113157932 0.183
MaineAthletic111196831 0.187
Leopold Bloom11851N/E 0.029
elephantbaseball32-11017788 0.238
whiteshoes40-17472243 0.102
tosk-12823N/E 0.045
Mantecan As FanDNP--1851N/E 0.024
SoCal As FanDNP--9265827 0.197
ZeroIndulgenceDNP--9255924 0.201
gigglingoneDNP--7344618 0.210
obliqueDNP--12118513 0.214
vegAN ryANDNP--44327N/E 0.185
Walton711DNP--1699N/E 0.214
travdog6DNP--2851N/E 0.013
BooneeDNP--35119N/E 0.174
A'sBowlingLeagueDNP--25119N/E 0.244
brian.onlyDNP--46114N/E 0.096
robertmelvinDNP--44524N/E 0.160
OaktownPowerDNP--819687 0.243
FlashfireDNP--1786N/E 0.143
designatedforassignmentDNP--35816N/E 0.145
tresselfanDNP--4757N/E 0.046
KMoAsFanDNP--45020N/E 0.137
Gallagher's WatermelonsDNP--16410N/E 0.238
GreenOctober69DNP--1728N/E 0.190
SLOtownDNP--7393339 0.137
baseballnut020DNP--9325135 0.173
j_rich36DNP--1757N/E 0.167
scutaroknowsthewayDNP--1823N/E 0.071
jay_senseiDNP--6354410 0.227
easyraiderDNP--8265822 0.204
Athletix ManDNP--8305421 0.205
Athletics fan and runnerDNP--5581644 0.094
Holy Toledo!DNP--1823N/E 0.083
NicoDNP--16410N/E 0.278
JLaffDNP--1804N/E 0.111
WaddellCansecoDNP--5412836 0.164
eastcoasta'sfanDNP--35816N/E 0.147
OaktownflavDNP--35517N/E 0.156
Future EdDNP--6364126 0.197
JediLeroyDNP--1728N/E 0.222
DalesmanDNP--2786N/E 0.083
nateh37DNP--7383934 0.174
anomaly_katDNP--35318N/E 0.173
sprtsnwynDNP--25517N/E 0.250
VORP is too nerdyDNP--44032N/E 0.234
asyouwish33DNP--1728N/E 0.250
jeffroDNP--45318N/E 0.150
CutthemulletDNP--34524N/E 0.238
stabbin_mcadamsDNP--16410N/E 0.312
jasontheaDNP--26312N/E 0.174
King RichardDNP--16410N/E 0.312
baseballgirlDNP--16410N/E 0.286
walkoff baltimore chopDNP--1757N/E 0.200
spiffyjwcDNP--1699N/E 0.257
samljmDNP--1699N/E 0.265
Gaijin_SukettoDNP--16114N/E 0.424
harenshairDNP--14921N/E 0.636
mikevDNP--15517N/E 0.515
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