DLD 5/10/09: Between the D's

Nothing against Dailies*. Nothing against Dumps. But we all know you're here for the Links.


Ouch, that fastball was way inside there. That's not the Link I meant, but tell me that kid doesn't do the colors green and gold proud. I wonder if he can play third base. Plus, we'd have Zelda in the stands as eye candy. Hey look, links:


Player to be determined determined!** Hint: It's not Eveland (darn).

Steve Young's Toronto connection Much speculation in the game thread last night about Young's presence at the game. The Chronicle found the answer, "Hall of Fame QB Steve Young took batting practice with the Blue Jays before the game. Young is friends with Toronto 1B Kevin Millar.

So you like the A's AND Arrested Development? David Cross (of Tobias fame) shows his observational humor prowess by noting Rickey's fondness for third-person speaking. What? That link has bad language and is NSFW? I've made a huge mistake.

More Rickey Rickey visits the Hall. Is the article a fond recollection of great Rickey moments on and off the field? Eventually. First you'll have to make it past the 'roids debate and Manny and what am I reading again?

Can you handle even more Rickey? You've seen the list: Top 25 Rickey Henderson stories. Now here Rickey debunk half those stories as he chats with ESPN's Mike & Mike.

slegnA destroy history Saunders and the rest of the bad guys drop a 1-0 L on Zack Greinke (7-0 6-1, 0.51 ERA).

*Bailey's New Nickname - Your thoughts Get out the vote for your favorite Bailey nickname, here on your very own AN. I'm all for Bail-Out.

Jeff Newman doesn't make the All Jeff team Beyond the Boxscore, bored with the 2009 baseball season, made an All-Jeff team. Most of the greats were hitters; I'm thinking we should draft a Jeff this June.

While you're dumping away down there, can anyone tell me why Jeff Newman's name is of any import to A's history? Hint: He was the ______ from this awful team. He'll share the distinction with Kurt Suzuki, Matt Holliday, Andrew Baily or maybe someone else this year.


** "Hey, DLD monkey, just tell me the player already." - disgruntled AN member.  Fine. It's Joe Dillon. He's a Ray now.

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