Confusing Offseason All Beane's Doing?

That's what Yahoo!'s Tim Brown is saying.

While many here on AN speculated that the abandoning of the "rebuilding process" may have been the result of Wolff putting pressure on Beane, Brown's article quotes Wolff as saying, "I literally never said a word."

It just seems so confusing. I made FanPost the other day regarding how I thought Beane had to abandon his original offseason plan, and how it could have been so much better, but I deleted it when I read it over again and saw how disjointed it was--it was about five in the morning. I still stand by my stance that the offseason doesn't make much sense.

And after this, it makes even less. I can understand that Beane saw the Angels treading water thiss offseason, and seizing the oppurtunity to be competitive, but then you have to ask: Why did he only build half a team?

Giambi is capable of twenty or more homeruns and a high OBP, as is Cust. Holliday is capable of carrying a team for more than a week at a time. Cabrera is a hell of a lot better than Crosby. Buck is back. The rest of the infield is oft-injured, but they now have capable backups. Sweeney is still mostly potential, but a platoon with Rajai (that they didn't use last night) will get the job done.

But the pitching staff is in shambles. I don't know how many times I can to listen to Ravech and his merry team of ignorant-about-everything-baseball analysts talk about how young the A's pitching staff is.

If Beane wasn't facing pressure from Wolff then nobody can convince me that the offseason made sense. If it was Beane's idea, then it seems like he was drastically underprepared for what he did. This notion that Beane improved the offense with the plan to rely on Anderson and Cahill. I understand that Duke is injured and Gallagher appeared complacent, but there's still no excuse as to why Beane didn't get any backups. You need talent and depth to win.

Is anybody else as confused as I am after reading this? I figured maybe Beane was given some spending money from ownership and told, "Hey, get us some guys to make us better this year." Then the whole economy thing happened and ownership pulled the leftover money off the table.

But according to Wolff: "I'd love to feel like I was directing those decisions. I wasn't."

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