How are the ex-A's doing

Its early in the season and one of the things I like to do is watch how all the old A's players are doing. See who's hot and who's not.  I'm sure I missed more than a handful so feel free to include those.


The Good:

Scutaro- .266, 4HR, 13 RBI on pace for 28 and 91.

R.Ludwick- .328, 5HR, 19 RBI. 6 years to develop but his .299/37/113 last year was worth the wait.

D.Haren- 1.54 ERA, .74 Whip

A. Ethier- .301, 5HR, 20RBI. I hate that trade more and more every day.

A. Harang- 3.00 ERA, 1.22 Whip. Its been along time but last year was by far his worst since he was on our team.

Aurthor Rhodes- 0.00 in 8IP. He's had a few good years in limited innings the last two.

J.Dye- .300 5HR, 12 RBI. Freak injury changed the history of our franchise

C Pena- .257, 9HR, 24 RBI. His 27 HR two years removed from us gave  a preview of a preimer player now. 

M. Tejada- .325, OHR, 4RBI. In the 5+ years since we went with Chavez over Tejada he has hit .310 vrs .255 and played in 250+ more games,

Chad Gaudin- didnt make his team but the smart Pad's pick him up and get 5 shutout innings and a team win in his first start.



H.Street- 7.00 ERA, 1.67whip- got rid of him at the right time

J.Kendall- .180 0HR, 6RBI. anyone miss him?

B. Zito- 5.24, 1.39 whip. seems to get worse every year.

Milton Bradley .281 1HR, 4RBI.

 Day to day with his reasoning ability. He will be fighting Jose Canceco in a few years if he keeps it up. Of course this will be after he punches the ref out.

 Texas used him perfect last year. DH his fragil self and keep him away from everyone in-between at bats. Should not have gone to the N.L. 

E.Byrnes-.188, 3HR, 5RBI.

J.Blanton- 8.41 ERA, 1.97 Whip. Ouch

A.Embree- 5.06ERA


A Fistfull of Dollars

Nick Swisher- .284 4HR, 14RBI. going for the reverse Ankiel.

J.Guillen- .286 2HR/4RBI

J.Damon- .292 2HR/7RBI

O.Dotel-0.00ERA. 1.65 Whip

K.Calero- 3.00ERA , .78 whip

R.Hernandez .259 1HR, 4RBI

Ted Lilly- 3.80, 1.10 whip

R.Harden 3.86 1.19 whip

Mike Sweeny .303 3RBI

The Ugly- 

Mark Mulder- Injured

Tim Hudson- Injured

High Plains Drifters-

Recent players on a team as recently as '08, not on a major league team/injured-(i think)there seems to be alot of them.



M. Kotsay






B. Keilty

A. Mellhouse

S. Hattelburg


Ricardo Rincon

For a Few Dollars More

-AAA talent-

Jesus Guzman- .282 leads the Giants AAA team in doubles, HR, RBI's and strikeouts. I wish we would have done more to keep him with the lack of 3rd base talent in are upper minor leagues and majors. With Chavy gone next year or sooner I would have felt better giving him his cup o coffee over Hanahan.

Carlos Gonzolez- .284, 2HR, 20 RBI.

Matt Murton- .411 4HR, 19RBI.

older AAA guys

E.Hinske- .273 OHR/2RBI

M. Teahan- .328 2HR/7RBI


Ok who did I miss and will I be










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