Killion & Neyer Slam Wolff

Killion makes a bunch of accusations based on Lew's statement that he doesn't want to "cover old ground" and try and stay at the colliseum long term. I don't really say anything wrong with Lew's statement he's just not getting anyone's hopes up or trying to make false promises. Would you rather he give it to you straight or tell you for years he will keep the team in oakland before pulling a fast one and moving off to Oklahoma City (ala Seattle Supersonics). I have some friends who are Sonics fans and they are absolutely devastated, and Seattle politicians have threatened legal action over the false overtures of the ownership group pretending to be interested in keeping the team there.

Killion goes off on a tangent saying trashing the colliseum will cause attendance to decline:

Almost two decades ago, Giants owner Bob Lurie originated the "I hate my ballpark and you should too," public relations campaign.

In case Wolff, busy with hotel development at the time, overlooked Lurie's campaign, here's a brief summary of its effectiveness: an unmitigated disaster.

Lurie, frustrated with his own aging and shared facility, kept trying to move the Giants. To the South Bay. To Tampa/St. Pete. Anywhere but Candlestick Park. He let everyone know how much he hated his ballpark. And, in a stunning development, his words didn't woo fans to games, but rather persuaded them to stay away. In droves.

The Giants' average home attendance steadily declined from a peak of 26,074 in 1989, a year the team was in the World Series, to 19,759 in 1992.

That's about what the A's averaged last season, the fifth consecutive season of attendance drops. The A's drew 27,179 in 2004, the season before Wolff bought the team. Last season, they were down to 20,559.

In our little baseball petri dish, we have proven that you can't expect to draw well if you publicly hate your ballpark.

For all you statistics majors out there, this is a good example of the old truth, "correlation is not causation." Let me give you a more probable cause for the attendance decline for the Giants: their record went from 90-72 in 89, to 85-77 in 90, 75-87 in 91, and 72-90 in 92.

As for her quip at the end there blaming Lew for the A's attendance declines... the A's record was 91-71 in 2004, it was 75-86 last year.

I'm sure Lew wish he had the power to make fans show up or not merely by making propagandistic statements about how beautiful the colliseum is, but unfortunately he does not have said power, sorry Ms. Killion.

Neyer doesn't agree with Killion on the fan base thing, but the title of his entry accuses Lew of being removed from his fan base. How is Lew's statement out of touch? I thought it was pretty much well agreed among the fan base that the Colliseum is on the lesser end of baseball stadiums and that Mt. Davis sucks.

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