Roster Watch: 2 Week Countdown

Zonis hasn't done one of these in some time and they always generate some discussion.  With today's cuts, we know Mazzaro is out of the mix for a rotation spot.  From the same link, we see that Powell is the latest Athletics' player with and injury.  My take on the Athletics' roster with what is known so far. 

My 25-man roster picks in bold.


Outfield: This seems pretty well set.


  • Cust
  • Buck
  • Holliday
  • Sweeney
  • Davis
  • Denorfia

My Take: I think we can all agree, 5 of the six above will make the opening day roster, with Denorfia not making the grade.

Infield: Lots of injury related questions here.


  • Ellis (sounds like he is ready to go)
  • Giambi (some aches and pains, but should be good to go for day 1)
  • Crosby (he's healthy at least)
  • Chavez (supposed to play 3B in minor league game Tuesday - tentative for opening day)
  • Cabrera (back tightness - won't play until Friday at the earliest)
  • Garciaparra (surprisingly, no problems so far)
  • Barton (back from injury, playing well as of late)
  • Hannahan
  • Pennington

My Take: Chavez will start the season on the DL, which will allow either Barton or Hannahan to make the team.  I'll go with Hannahan.  If Cabrera is not ready, Pennington makes the team.



  • Suzuki
  • Powell (tweaked something on his side recently)
  • Galarraga

My Take: Pretty simple here, A's cut Bowen to make room for Powell, but if his injury is more serious, look for Galarraga to be added to the 40-man roster and make the team out of spring training.

Starting Pitchers:


  • Duke (we all know the story here)
  • Eveland
  • Gallagher
  • Braden
  • Gio (hurt, won't make the team out of the gate)
  • E. Gonzalez
  • Outman
  • Cahill
  • Anderson
  • Williams (sent down already, but possibly out of necessity)

My Take: Duke makes the team as a reliever until he builds up some arm strength. Nico made a good case for Anderson.  Eveland, Gallagher and Braden seem to be locks and NRI Gonzalez makes the team until Mazzaro or Cahill are ready.



  • Ziegler (just got from WBC, hope he's ready to go)
  • Devine (mending, we'll learn more this week)
  • Springer
  • Wuertz
  • Casilla
  • Outman
  • Blevins (hasn't looked good this spring)
  • Schroder
  • Cameron

My Take: Duke takes up one spot.  I'm hesitant to add Devine, but we'll see how much progress he makes this week.  Blevins has everyone nervous, but what choice do they have, Outman?  Any chance BB makes a run at Ohman?  Casilla, Springer, Wuertz and Ziegler are locked in.

Wrap-up: 13 position players - Suzuki, Powell, Giambi, Ellis, Cabrera, Crosby, Garciaparra, Hannahan, Cust, Holliday, Sweeney, Buck and Davis.  12 pitchers - Duke (reliever), Eveland, Braden, Gallagher, E. Gonzalez, Anderson, Devine, Ziegler, Casilla, Wuertz, Springer and Blevins.

I probably created more questions than I provided clarity.  Have at it!


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