Not so much a Link but a Dump on the Coli

So last Thursday I had the privilege of being in Oakland for a work event. I was super excited to be there and knew I had to go to the Coli to pick up some A's gear at the team store.

Being a good planner, I called the Coli the day before my arrival to confirm the team store hours. After 10 minutes of sitting through menus on the automated system, I finally got to a live person. The team store was open Tuesday-Thursday 10-4. "Perfect, I'll see you tomorrow!" I told the rep.

Around 3:30 I pulled into the Coliseum parking lot. I was greeted by the parking lot attendant.

Me: Hi, I'm here to go to the team store.

Parking lot attendant: The Warriors?

Me (NRAF): No. {matter of factly} Oakland. (Duh!)

Parking lot attendant: {blank stare}

Me: {giggling}: Oops, I mean the A's.

Parking lot attendant. Ok, but I don't think they are open.

Me: {again very matter of factly}: Oh no, they are! I called.

So I race through the empty parking lot because I was a (wo)man on a mission. Stomper was waiting for me! I fly up to the team store. I'm pretty sure I dropped the tranny, slamming the car into park too fast. Oh well, it was a rental. I bound out of the car, ignoring the few random people milling about the lot. The green and gold awning was in my sights!

I run up to the double doors and grab the one on the left. Locked. Damn, I hate when I grab the wrong door. {grabs the one on the right instead} Damn, locked too? I gave it a good shake, just to be sure. I pressed my nose up against the tinted windows. I don't see a soul in sight.

By now, the "Oh no, you've got to be kidding me," sinks in. I can see a big plush Stomper next to a smaller Stomper on top of a circular clothing rack. Next I see the #3 Chavvy jerseys just staring at me, saying, "I know you want to come in here, but you can't! Bru ah ha ha..." What a tease!

I looked at the posted hours on the door. M-F 10-4. Next to it, a paper is posted that says, starting in February, Tues-Thurs 10-4. It was Thursday at 3:30. So what gives? I played by the rules. Why couldn't the A's?

I can't tell you what a HUGE disappointment this was! All I wanted was to spend a lot of money on some merchandise that I can't get anywhere else. Oh well. So the A's missed out on some revenue dollars, but the real loss is the disappointment and frustration felt by yet another A's fan.


For your linkage pleasure: (Yes, I know this isn't a DLD anymore, but I still liked these tidbits and wanted to share.)

 Dale running is a good sign. I'm not sure but it does look as though he's lost weight.

Speaking of weight...the last person we need losing weight is Jerry Blevins. From SuSlu... 

...Jerry Blevins has The Crud that is going around, and I can say from unfortunate personal experience that it's a nasty bug. It just saps everyone who gets it. We all blame Jack Cust, but really, it seemed to originate in the Giants' camp, so maybe it's their fault...

Chavez feels good physically.

So comment as you see fit. Perhaps you can comment on my lovely Coliseum experience. At least I got to hang with some good of which was kind enough to give me some A's wine charms. So all was not lost...I did get to go home with one A's souvenir. :-)

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