12/31/2009 Last DLD of 2009 - Nintendo Wii and the 10 best video games of all time (using stats)

It has been a while since a DLD was posted and I feel the need to post another.  I've decided to finish my Nintendo video game posts (I'm going to skip handhelds because I don't have a ton of experience with them) with the Nintendo Wii and since most ANers seem to think Nintendo is lame now I'm also including a link about the greatest video games of all time.  

Anyways, here is a summary of some of the leading Top 10s, as excerpted from various Top 100 lists.

I have tried to be as diverse and inclusive as possible in my selection of lists. Some will inevitably appear more credible than others, but my intent was quantity more than quality. By assembling a collection of lists that was as vast as possible, I was hoping to see if there appears to be any consensus as to what games truly are history's best. My findings come at the end.

 His top 5 look pretty good to me but it somehow seems to lean towards older games rather than new ones.

Anyways, on to the Wii.  I remember reading about it and it's motion controls after it's showing at E3 2006.  I was skeptical and excited all at the same time.  The hype was huge and people were waiting in line all night to pick it up when it was released on November 19th, 2006. I thought about doing it but decided against it.  That turned out to be a mistake because it sold out quickly.  The shortages were well documented and it took a while for me to get one.  The stores would wait until Sunday mornings to release their stock and you had to get there early to buy one of the few available.  I finally got one in early 2007 and I have to say it is a lot of fun,  It comes with Wii Sports which had tennis, baseball, bowling golf, and boxing.  My family and I have logged a lot of hours on just Wii Sports alone.  I was the only person I knew that owned one at the time but now my brother-in-law, cousin, sister, and Mom own one.   That's right, my mother owns one.  Nintendo has said all along that there were aming for a much larger demographic and they have defintily caught a lot of people in their net.  Look no further for proof than this, on December 20th, 2009 the Pastor of my church was given a Wii for his christmas present and it was presented to him during morning annoucements.  You think that would happen with a Xbox 360?  Probably not.  There have been a few attempts at selling hardcore and mature games for the Wii but so far they haven't been very successful.  There is also a BUTTLOAD of crap games made for the Wii in the attempt to trick soccer Moms into buying video games that suck.  Despite that there are quite a few games that I have enjoyed for the Wii.  Here is a list of my favorite Nintendo Wii games.

 I would say my top 5 would be

  1. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
  2. Super Mario Galaxy
  3. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  4. Call of Duty: World At War
  5. Super Smash Bros. Brawl 

 The Nintendo Wii also features WiiWare, which is a service that allows Wii users to download games and applications specifically designed and developed for the Wii.  I have only purchased a few games from WiiWare

 I've only played those 3 plus Bust a Move Plus but I hear that WiiWare has some good games like Meganman 9, Bomberman Blast, Bubble Bobble Plus, Contra Rebirth, 3 Final Fantasy games, Lostwinds, Sexy Poker (just kidding, this is a real game but not really a good one according to game informer), 5 "episodes" of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Swords & Soldiers, and World of Goo.  I didn't take the time to link them all but here is the list of all the WiiWare games.

The Nintendo Wii also has the Virtual Console.  A service that allows you to download old games from a variety of past consoles.

The library of past games currently consists of titles originating from the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Nintendo 64, as well as Sega's Master System and Mega Drive/Genesis, NEC's TurboGrafx-16 and TurboGrafx-CD, SNK's Neo Geo AES, Commodore 64 (Europe and North America only) and MSX (Japan only).

 The only game I've bought so far from the VC is Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and it is super difficult. I couldn't even pass the 1st world the last time I tried playing it.  There are 340 games available to download in North America and include a ton of classics.  The price ranges from 500 to 1200 Nintendo points ($5 to $12), you can buy points on the Wii with a credit card or purchase 2000 point cards at brick and mortar stores.


In addition to playing games the Wii also has a few other functions. 

The Wii Menu interface is designed around the concept of television channels. Separate channels are graphically displayed in a grid and are navigated using the pointer capability of the Wii Remote. There are six primary channels: the Disc Channel, Mii Channel, Photo Channel, Wii Shop Channel, Forecast Channel, and News Channel.  Additional channels are available for download from the Wii Shop Channel through WiiWare and also appear with each Virtual Console title. These include the Everybody Votes Channel, Internet Channel, Check Mii Out Channel, and the Nintendo Channel.

 The Mii channel is a neat feature.  In it you can create Mii's, digital avatars that can be used is some games.  Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort features only Mii characters.  This channel gives you the abiilty to make virtual versions of yourself and your family, friends, as well completely random characters. It is a lot of fun to see "yourself" in a video game.  In fact the creation of the character can be just as fun, especially in groups.

 Wow, that took 5 hours to complete.  Hopefully this generates some discussion otherwise I wasted a lot of time on it. 

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