DLD 11-28-09 Bippity, Boppity, Bobby...or, if we wrapped Bobby Crosby in bacon, would he be more desirable?



Ok my AN friends, this is my first DLD ever, so please, a little mercy if I fall woefully short.

I assume most everyone read this article, ESPN, about our Duke. I particularly like how the organization responded to this situation. It seems we are usually villainized by ex-players or we get skewered in our handling of Bobby Crosby! Duke, if you are reading this, please resign with us!

Do you think if we wrapped Bobby Crosby in Bacon someone would want him?

The new Hall of O.K.ness nominees have been announced. WTF?! (What The Fame). Seriously? Todd Zeile? And Robbie Alomar leads the pack. That really makes me sick because to me it was painfully obvious he "bulked up" when everyone else was "bulking up" but because he did not break a hallowed home run record, he is the leading favorite to get into the hall. A less than inspiring bunch. Hey, Walt Weiss has been out of the league for a while. That would make for great conversation 50 years from now: "Hey Grandpa, look at this plaque. Who was "Walt Wess"? "What, oh, sorry, I was over here leaning against a bust of the great Todd Zeile catching my breath"

 here Now this is what has been keeping me occupied in the off-season. Did anyone else have a big hot steaming pile of cake for Thanksgiving?Epic-fail-cake-fail_medium


Many questions surrounding Tiger Woods this morning, who was in an early morning solo crash. Like "What was he doing driving out of his driveway at 2 in the morning?" Personally, I would like to know why he is not driving a Buick? WTF! (What the F&^%?) I bought this piece of crap Roadmaster because Tiger said Buick is cool, and he is out mowing the neighbors trees in the wee hours of the night in a Caddy! I feel used. And if this was my wife, unless she was demanding ice cream at 2 in the morning I WOULD NOT be leaving the house!




And last but not least, the obligatory goat photo for my good friend Nico, who I missed at the canned food drive in Berkeley the other day due to work considerations. Goat-ears_medium

And I will leave you with an old favorite, Eddie Izzard, who is coming to Oakland's Oracle Arena next month. CAUTION! There are bad words in this video!!!!



 Dump Dumper Dumpiest! Let the dumpage ensue!

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