DLD 10/23/09 - Video Games - Nintendo

The success of the my last DLD on movies (450+ comments, wa-hoo!) inspired me to do another theme.  While I heard a vote for a food themed DLD, I will leave that to someone with more knowledge.  Movies is one of my top forms of entertainment. My list would probably go

  1. A's Baseball/Baseball in general
  2. Movies
  3. TV (football, basketball, and hockey would fall into this category for me because I don't attend these events in person or read about them online)
  4. Going Online (AN, facebook, Yahoo, webcomics, youtube, video game sites, etc.)
  5. Video Games (used to be #1 until I fell in love with Baseball and then my wife)
  6. Sports (as in playing them "in real life", used to be higher but it requires getting people together at the same time and place which is difficult with full time jobs, kids, etc)
  7. Books (sadly a distant 6th. What can I say, I'm a child of technology.  I will admit to reading magazines and the occasional newspaper in the bathroom)

Wow, I guess there is a reason I am overweight.  I probably should get out more . . . but nevermind that.

   For this DLD (obviously, if you read the title) I wanted to go with a Video Game theme.  Now, I'm not an expert and I only own Nintendo products but I love video games overall.  I played my fair share of Xbox and Xbox 360 games but I have barely touched Playstation products (oddly enough since they were the leader in video games for a while) or Sega consoles.  Anything pre-NES (the orginal Nintendo Entertainment System) I am not too familar with, although I did play a lot of MineStorm and Armor Attack on my cousin's Vectrex

  At first I was going to include all video games companies but after taking 45 minutes on the NES links I have decided to stick to Nintendo only.  I will say that Halo and Halo 2 for the XBOX are awesome games and Gears of War is great for the Xbox 360.  I like a good Sonic the Hedgehog game as well (they are on the Nintendo system now that Sega doesn't make consoles but his old games are the best).

   My first romance with video games was with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)


The first system I ever owned.  I have lots of great memories of playing this system.  I have actually owned 3 seperate NES consoles (what it the pural of NES? NESs?).  My first was stolen when our house was robbed in the early 90's, my second I sold in a garage sale in the mid 90's so I could buy the Super Nintendo (SNES), and the 3rd was a used one that I bought a few years ago to complete my collection of owning all the Nintendo systems.  The NES is well known for it's design flaws that caused errors in loading the game. I remember the debate on wether blowing on your catridge or in your system would make the problems worse. My cousin would stick extra catridges in the system to make it work.

   My favorite games for the NES were

Wow that list was long.  I tried to keep it short but I just had to mention these games.  It would be difficult for me to rank these in order but I would say the top 5 for me would be SMB3, MM2, Contra, Jackel, and SMB. 

That took so long that decided to stop with just the NES for now.  I might make seperate DLDs for some of the following; Gameboy, SNES, N64, Gamecube, DS, and the Wii.  I guess that will depend on how much people are actually interested in the topic.  I also found this image while searching for a picture of the NES.  It is NES game cartridge that was made into a clock.




Now that I told you what I like, I think It would be kind of cool for people to post their favorite forms on entertainment in order.  Or if a lot of people liked the NES they could list their favorite games as well.


And finally, sort of Off Topic from the theme but it ties in

Prices on popular electronics have fallen to record lows



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